Family Advent Calendar 2011

Drum roll, please (and perhaps some sleigh bells?), for this year’s Family Advent Calendar!

Picture taken after our skinny dip in the cold Danish sea on Thursday 1 December…

was lovely to get my nice big, warm bathrobe back on! 😀

  1. Christmas Bazar at school (see Thursday’s post) and a skinny dip in the sea wearing nothing but…a green and red Santa hat!

 2. Finish decorating inside the house

 3. Christmas lunch with lots of pickled and curried herring, Danish Christmas beer and snaps

Danish holy trinity of Jule øl (Christmas beer, we decorated the bottles…),

æggesalat (egg mayo) and sild (marinated herring)!

 4. Our local Danish library has a free craft workshop – this time we’re decorating gingerbread hearts

 5. Go to the post office with the Christmas packages

 6. Watch a Christmas film and eat popcorn

 7. A trip to Tivoli to see the fairy lights and go mad on the rollercoasters 🙂

This is the Xmas tree at Tivoli, but look up in the left hand corner…

that’s the tower we’ll be going up in! ;D

 8. Crazy Christmas Cabaret (a type of pantomime) with members of the International Ladies Club of Copenhagen

 9. Christmas lunch – yet again, woo hoo!

10. Tidy up the garden and hang up goodies for our feathered friends

11. Make some edible goodies with the kids! Marcipan sweets, candy canes, coconut ice

Goodies we made in 2010

12. Make up a large batch of sausage rolls to freeze and to eat! (my recipe is here)

13. DD9 is taking part in two St. Lucia processions…

DD when she was 8

14. Kids will decorate the Christmas cake which we made in October, recipe isright here

15. Christmas Bingo evening at DS11’s after school club

DS11 with his winning bingo card last year…which won him the star prize!

16. Make Christmas decorations and crafts with friends and their kids

17. Decorate the Christmas tree!

I shall play an Xmas tune on the old joanna while the kids decorate the boughs… ;D

18. Gløgg (mulled wine) and æbleskiver (Danish Christmas donuts) with friends

19. Take in teacher gifts

20. Last day of school – hooray!

21. Watch a Christmas film

22. Double check the gift lists – is everything wrapped and ready?

23. A walk in the park – perhaps complete with some snow?

24. The girls are going to a show, the boys are going to a football match

25. Merry Christmas to one and all!

And don’t forget to give yourself the best Christmas present of all… the gift of Flylady! She will not only help you to get your house in order – she’ll also help to sort out your head! ;D  And will remind you to pamper yourself every day: a hot bath, read a chapter of a book before you turn out the lights, make yourself a nice coffee or hot chocolate, phone a friend, listen to your favourite music and turn up the stereo to 11!  Anything that will put a smile on your face and recharge your batteries… 😀

Have a marvelous Monday! 🙂