Play Danish Music (To)Day!

Eek!  Where does the time go?  This is the fifth year here on this blog that I'm writing about "Spil Dansk" (Play Danish Music) Day! :)Which keen readers will remember is celebrated on the last Thursday of October...  Want to trawl through my old posts on the subject?  Here they are:2013  HEY, MR DJ, PUT… Continue reading Play Danish Music (To)Day!

Tea and hot rolls Thursday = Big Prayer Day Friday

With the excitement of Eurovision behind us, my kids are now eagerly counting down to the strangest day on the Danish religious calendar.  Okay - let's be honest - they're really just counting down to yet another day off school! 😉  On Friday they'll be able to have a lie in because it's Stor Bededag.  ’Big Prayer Day’!  Yep, those crazy… Continue reading Tea and hot rolls Thursday = Big Prayer Day Friday

Hey, Mr DJ, put a (Danish) record on, I wanna dance with my baby!

Did you guess right?  It's Spil Dansk Day - "Play Danish Music" Day!  Umm, you don't know what that is?  Then here's a piece I wrote last year, updated for your listening pleasure.   Read on, sing loud and don't forget to turn the (Danish) music up to 11! ;)* * * * * * * *… Continue reading Hey, Mr DJ, put a (Danish) record on, I wanna dance with my baby!

Mad about (Mads) Music

I consider myself pretty cool when it comes to music. I grew up with punk, lived through new wave and pop, and have settled down to rock and electronica – primarily Scandinavian. My radio is tuned to Danish Radio’s P3 (mainstream) and P6 (DAB channel, indie and rock). And hubby and I are regulars at… Continue reading Mad about (Mads) Music

Not farewell…au revoir!

The kids had their last day of school today and that means one thing - the summer holidays are finally here! Thanks to Flylady routines, this year I made it through to the end unscathed...  And without leaving a trail of destruction (and dirty washing) behind me!  ;D It also means that, along with my 44th… Continue reading Not farewell…au revoir!

Music Police Jnr.

DD9 looks like me (see here), has similar character traits (um, did someone say stubborn?!) and - yes, yes -she's also extremely enthusiastic about the things that she loves and just can't 'get her arms down'... I discovered yesterday that she has - hooray, hooray - inherited one of my amazing talents!  My ability to guess a song within the… Continue reading Music Police Jnr.

Wedding Bells and Guitars

It's our Danish Copper Wedding today...12 and a ½ years of wedded bliss! For the non-mathematicians amongst you, that means we got married on 11 April 1998. (If you'd like a - sort of - explanation of this quaint Danish tradition...I already wrote one for you, it's here.) Instead of celebrating the traditional way - a formal dinner… Continue reading Wedding Bells and Guitars

Big Prayer Time

It's a glorious sunny Wednesday here in Copenhagen and there are flags on all the buses again today. Are we still celebrating the 70th birthday of the Danish Queen 'Daisy'? Nope. This week it's to mark the visit of the Russian President! 🙂 I'm running errands today to try and avoid the crowds tomorrow. The shops… Continue reading Big Prayer Time

Menu planning Thursday – 14 January 2010

Not going to beat around the it is! 🙂 Thursday We've five extra kids coming for dinner tonight. It's DS10 turn to 'host' the school 'dinner group'. We take four kids (two boys, two girls) from his class home with us and they play together and then eat with us. Their parents turn up around 6.30pm and stay for… Continue reading Menu planning Thursday – 14 January 2010

(Almost) Wordless Saturday

I don't normally do 'wordless' posts ('chance would be a fine thing', as DH would probably say, ho ho). But today DH and I are out to dinner and a rock concert (yeehaw!) with my sweetie friend Rasmus and Magtens Korridorer. Pre-Flylady I would be running out the door, shouting instructions to the baby-sitter, frantically looking for… Continue reading (Almost) Wordless Saturday

These are a few of my favourite things (Danish bands)

It was "Spil Dansk" (Play Danish) day in Denmark last week. Which meant that the public radio stations played Danish music. All day. Only Danish music. The funny thing is that I didn't even realise that they weren't playing any 'foreign' artists because there's just so much darn good Danish music around! 🙂 So you don't… Continue reading These are a few of my favourite things (Danish bands)

Wednesday in Wonderful Copenhagen – Part Two

I wrote a blogpost a couple of weeks about ago about Oprah (Winfrey) filming a show here in Copenhagen with the snappy title "Oprah on Location: The Happiest People in the World". The show was televised in the US last week and I've just seen it on youtube. Go take a look! 🙂             Part One… Continue reading Wednesday in Wonderful Copenhagen – Part Two