Happy 1st December!

Happy 1st December! Is your Christmas planning well underway?  Are you ready to relax and enjoy the month of December?

DD9 and I have been busy making cupcakes for today’s school bazar (all profits are going to the Sally Army.)  We’ve made approximately 60 of them…whew! ;D

The first of December doesn’t only mark the countdown to Christmas.  There’s another important reason to be jolly!  Because the Flylady habit for December is pampering.  Doing something nice for yourself EVERY day.  (And the idea is, of course, to keep going with it after the month is up…)  I’ve shared lots of my own ways to pamper here on the blog.  (27 posts!)  Today, for example, I decided that I really needed a break from the cupcake decorating – so I snaffled one of the cakes…ha! ;D  (And dang good it was too!  The easy peasy cupcake recipe is right here.)

So go pamper!  But don’t forget to come back on Monday, when I’ll be sharing our Family Advent Calendar for 2011…

Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂