VIDEO Survival tips for a busy summer! Plus birthday/graduation outfits…

Survival tips for a busy summer! Plus my birthday and graduation outfits! This week we are celebrating my son’s Graduation, Danish “Sankt Hans” (a bonfire night, similar to midsummer), my birthday on Thursday, plus a traditional student party with friends and family at our home this weekend. Lots to celebrate but we are crazy busy – here are my best tips to keep you sane! You can also use these tips when you are having a rough week, dealing with stress or bereavement.

If you’d like help setting up some simple daily routines, my Flylady Refresher Course videos are here


May the Danish hygge be with you!



Clean out your Car (Crash) Friday

Fridays in Flylady land are ‘clean our your purse/handbag’ and ‘clean out your car’ days.  I don’t use the car very much, so I only need to fill up with petrol every second Friday.  But over the years I have got into the habit of tidying out the car while I tank.  Those couple of minutes are enough to throw out any rubbish, dust down the interior, refold the travel rugs and check to see what’s lying in the boot.  And – more importantly – what needs to come out of the boot and go back into the house… ;D

On Wednesday I was one of the parents who was going to collect DD9 and her classmates from school camp.  I drove in convoy with another mum and we left in plenty of time.  I knew it would take a good  half hour, so I filled up my purple Flylady travel mug with hot coffee and was going to listen to the new (and need I say fantastic?) Magtens Korridorer CD.  Off we drove into the countryside 🙂

Two kilometres before we reached the school camp, we had to slam on the brakes.  A car had crashed just in front of us and there was debris everywhere.  A married couple were already on the scene and were on the phone to the emergency services.  We managed to get the driver – who was still sitting in the (smoking) car – out of it and back up to the road.  He had gone into complete shock and didn’t know where he was or what was going on.  His passenger had managed to climb out of the car but had head injuries and was bleeding.  We got her to sit in the back of my car (kept cosy with travel rugs) while we waited for the ambulances to arrive.  My friend (who’s an air stewardess – very useful during emergencies!) kept her company while we directed the traffic and tried to clear the road.  A builder got the broom out of his van and swept away the debris.  Maybe I need to keep a rubba sweepa in the boot of my car, too? ;D

The Danish cavalry arrive – hooray! 🙂

I’m so grateful to the Flylady that my car was clean and organised.  I felt like I was prepared and ready to help.  My red warning triangle and travel rugs were easy to reach.  I had bottled water in the boot and the coffee was still hot! ;D   It didn’t take long before the first ambulance arrived, quickly followed by the police and the firebrigade (and a helicopter overhead).  But, hey, you never know what’s going to be round the next bend.  So maybe you should go and clean out your car right now?

Want to see what happened to the car?  Here’s the news story – what a waste of a Porsche…

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Sweet dreams!

DD8 was looking at the Ikea family magazine and said, “Hey, Mum, that’s your bedroom!”.

And, by jingo, she was right.  Kind of.  We do indeed have the same Ikea bed.  And this week we just happen to be using the very same Ikea duvetcover…

All of our bedding comes from Ikea.  I love their bedding.  Affordable, fresh and great colours.  Here’s my other fave duvet cover (which starred in a previous post Feel Good Friday – Time for Bed).

And you did notice those rollaway shelves didn’t you?

They’re fantastic for keeping things hidden – which means that my bedroom always looks ‘peaceful’.  Which in turn makes it much more enjoyable to do my Flylady Before Bed Routine.  Which in turn makes me delighted to curl up with a good book in bed (and a stash of chocs) and get an(other) early night.

But you do have to watch those rollaway shelves like a hawk.  Otherwise they explode with magazines and books when you pull them out.  So today I’m going to set my Flylady timer for 7 minutes and have a good old fling.

Have a terrific Tuesday and sweet dreams! 🙂

Day off or off day?

DS8 was diagnosed with scarlet fever yesterday. (Yes, one of those illnesses from the 19th century…like bubonic plage, scurvy and ricketts!) Don’t worry – she’s doing absolutely fine. She’s still coughing but the fever has gone, the bright red rash and goosepimples are fading, the antibiotics have kicked in and – to be honest – she’s thoroughly enjoying all the attention! ;D

I decided last night to ‘allow’ myself an extra half hour in bed this morning. DS11 goes into school by himself and, as I wouldn’t be going in with DD8, I could forego my early-morning shower. Because no other mortal soul would see me before my morning jog. (I usually shower/put on makeup/blowdry my hair before the schoolrun and have a second shower – more of a quick hose down really – after my run).

Of course, the whole plan backfired. I actually felt less ‘together’ than I usually do. I woke up at the usual time and couldn’t really get back to sleep (oh my goodness, isn’t that what happens to old people? Waaah!), I looked – and therefore felt – sluggish and it took me soooo much longer to get into gear. Hmm, that’ll teach me to mess with my Flylady morning rouine. Lesson learned!

So I decided on a ‘do over’ of my day and restarted my morning routine after my shower. The rest of the morning went much more smoothly. I got on with my ‘one-hour-once-a-week-clean’ (WHB) while DD8 enjoyed playing ‘school’ (we followed the weekly work plan that her teachers send out). And – yes – that is a picture of a bar of Ritter Sport in her maths book. Luckily it’s the hazlenut one (blech!), so we weren’t tempted to break into the sweet drawer! ;D

The rest of the day we chilled and watched Thoroughly Modern Millie (at DD8’s request request, tee hee) and made a fastelavnsris for Carnival. It just needs some sweets tied on. (You can see how we make those here.)

So all’s well that ends well. And even though DD8 is still off school tomorrow, my alarm will be ringing at the normal time. Ha!

Have a marvelous Monday! 🙂

Feel Good Friday – The Flylady MR

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a Feel Good Friday blogpost about the Flylady BBR. You can read it here. Today it’s the turn of the Flylady MR. What’s MR, you ask? Morning Routine. A simple checklist to help you FLY through your day.

Mine looks like this:

  • Shower/coffee/dress to shoes/fix hair and makeup
  • Check the calendar, what’s going on today?
  • Clear away the breakfast things, wipe down kitchen, start dishwasher
  • Schoolrun
  • Hang up washing/iron the dry stuff from previous day/put away
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Check what’s for dinner
  • NEWO interval run with a friend, or 6 minute strength train
  • Post today’s blogpost 😉

I’m normally finished by around 9.30am, leaving me lots of ‘playtime’. Or, as the case is today, hopefully plenty of time to prepare for tonight’s school Summer Party – one of the highlights of the kids social calender 🙂

In my pre-Flylady days, I would go full steam ahead with preparations for the party, be up half the night beforehand, forget to eat properly/drink enough water and generally run myself (and the house) ragged. Ha, those days are gone! Now I just stick to my routines like g-l-u-e and all the rest will – usually – fall into place. Today I’m baking my world-famous cold-risen bread (you can find my recipehere). Preparing crockpot lasagne (Krista’s recipe is here). Chopping lots of veggie sticks. Packing our picnic basket with glasses, cutlery, plates, rubbish bag, serviettes, a purse (full of small coins for the kids to spend at the various stalls). And – perhaps the most important part – icing our entry for this year’s Cake Competition. (And, yes, I baked the cake yesterday – forward planning saves the day!) The theme for our cake is all terribly hush-hush so (for once) my lips are sealed! Though I can tell you that it involves around two hours of painstaking work, copious amounts of neon coloured icing and therefore copious amounts of cleaning up…  😉

So without further ado, I shall FLY off and get my MR finished and get this show on the road! 😉

Have a fantastic Feel-Good Friday! 🙂

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Feel Good Friday – The Flylady BBR

Last night I faithfully did my BBR. I used to only do it Monday to Friday, thinking I could take the weekends ‘off’. Ha, big mistake! Lesson learned! 😉

BBR – to the uninitiated – is Flylady‘s Before Bed Routine. A little checklist which sets you up for a good ‘tomorrow’. Here’s mine:

  • check the diary to see what’s going on tomorrow

  • make sure kids have schoolbags/sports bags/library books etc ready

  • lay out clothes/accessories

  • set the table for breakfast

  • get to bed at a decent hour 😉

When I checked my diary last night, I realised I needed to set my alarm clock (actually my iPhone) 15 minutes earlier than usual.

First on the agenda this morning was an art exhibition in DD8’s class. From the (somewhat ungodly) hour of 7.30am to 8am! DD’s class have been studying the French impressionist painter, Claude Monet, in their Art and Danish classes. This morning the parents were invited to see what they’ve been up to, enjoy a cup of coffee and look at the masterpieces. This is DD8’s painting of the bridge at Giverny. Isn’t it good? 🙂

Quickly back home to unload the dishwasher and collect DS10 who had an appointment at 8.30am with the school orthodontist (who lives in the same swanky building as the school dentist). DS10 isn’t getting a brace until next year, so today was just a quick check-up. Here’s DD8 in the orthodontist chair (there are 8 state-of-the-art dentist chairs lined up in a row, divided by screens…children on a conveyer belt!) because – yep, she’s getting a brace too… 😉

Moving swiftly on…and back home again. Just time to change into my pink running jacket and shoes and meet my sweetie friend V at 9am for our NEWO interval run in the park. A short 3k run today. We finished just as the rain started dripping down from a heavy, summer sky. Which is a bit annoying as it’s nearly the month of June and I’ve only had my sandals on twice. TWICE!! But at least with all this rain the park looks fantastic and everything is blooming lovely…

Anyway, it’s just gone 10 am, so I’d better get cracking and finish the Flylady MR. Morning Routine. But that, as they say, is another story… 😉

Hope you have a fabulous Friday! 🙂

Feel Good Friday – Time for Bed

Before I started on my Flylady journey, I never wanted to go to bed. After a long day with the wee ones I felt like I deserved some ‘me’ time at the end of the day. “I want to stay up late and watch rubbish television, eat crips (or chocolates, preferably both!) and go to bed when I feel like it!” Our bedroom was one of the worst places in the house.

These days I love going to bed – and the earlier the better! 😉 These days my wardrobe is (a little…) easier to navigate. These days there’s nothing (yep, nada) under the bed! These days there’s no bedside clutter. At least, not so much. Now you see it…

Now you don’t! (Our bed/headboard/rolling shelves are from those clever people at IkeaMalm series)

Our (Renate Slinga) duvet cover is from Ikea too (the only place we buy bedding) and – when the sun shines in – it looks fan-flippin-tastic…

Just the spot for a quick pamper with my little pink pamper basket 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday evening wherever you are – I won’t wait up! 😉