Working Girl

My friend Mark is coming to stay next week – haven’t seen him for over 2 years but we’ll talk about the same old things and share the same old (very well worn) in-jokes. I met him while at the EC Court of Justice in Luxembourg, where we both worked for the British Judge, The Rt Hon David Edward KCMG.

Mark became my best friend and he was also my bridesmaid when I married DH. Though as he said in his speech at our wedding, he did phone his Mum in advance and told her – “Don’t worry Mum, always the bridesmaid, never the bride!”. Mark got married a couple of years ago and is bringing his wife and toddler son with him. Will be very strange to see him in Husband and Dad-mode. Can’t wait! 🙂

When our boss, whom we always refer to as “The Professor”, retired from the EC Court, Mark and another good friend and colleague, William Robinson, organised a Festschrift – a collection of essays in his honour. Mark and William asked me to write the first chapter in the book and I am delighted to say that I am the only non-lawyer in there! My piece is a kind of “Week in the life of…” thing. And if you’re wondering why there are so many footnotes in it, that was an in-joke. Legal documents are full of them…

It’s going to be a real trip down memory lane when Mark arrives, though our days in Luxembourg were a long time ago, 15 years to be exact. Think I’m going to reread my own piece and catch up on some memories so I’ll be up to speed when he arrives. 🙂

PS: It’s still available from Amazon if you really want the hardback 😉

Wonders of technology

When I was at school, I used to write a Fanzine and had it photocopied on the school computer. Not that I sold many copies of it. I used it basically as an excuse to try and meet bands that I liked, under the pretence of being a reporter. Incredibly, it worked a few times. Biggest name was Morrisey who, though he arrived late at the concert venue and didn’t have time to do interview, did accept my gift of daffodils for his backpocket. Ahh, those were the days! 🙂

When I started working, I liked to make up fake copies of newspapers for friends who were leaving. At the EC Court of Justice I used to make up fake judgments for the same purpose and, if I was really lucky, managed to get someone from the Registry to put on the official court stamp. (Probably get fined for doing that these days.)

Fast forward to 2009. Stay at home mum. Got that itchy feeling again and – due the the wonders of technology – I can even have my own blog. Not sure where the blog is going right now, but will certainly include food, music, Thoroughly Modern Millie and the Flylady.

Welcome to my world.