VIDEO How to make Danish Fruit Salad…contains chocolate!

And just when you thought Denmark couldn’t be any more hygge – we bring you a traditional Danish fruit salad. Which contains chocolate!

Danish Fruit Salad

Will you try it? So simple and yummy! Danish kids call it abemad which means monkey food!

Add as much chocolate as you like!

You can find more of my recipe and craft videos on this playlist Have a great day!

I heart Danish comfort food! (Part twelve – Burning Love – Brændende Kærlighed)

Dear Readers

There’s no turning back! Despite a good fight by the Indian Summer the last couple of weeks, autumn is well and truly here. I’m now wearing my gloves on my morning bike rides because it is so darn ch-ch-chilly! But, hey ho, I’m a seasoned winterbather so I’ve learned to just suck it up and enjoy the small things…here I am this morning after my skinny dip, with some seaweed in my hair! 😉 (Air temp 8c/46f , sea temp still fairly ‘high’ at 12c/53f)

But every (soggy, rain-filled) cloud has a silver lining so the onslaught of the autumnal weather means the excuse to turn up the ‘hygge‘ on, get snuggly indoors and enjoy some fantastic Danish comfort food. I can’t fathom that I’ve been blogging here for five years, have written an eleven-part series on comfort food, but have not yet mentioned…Burning LoveBrændende Kærlighed! 😉

Like most Danish comfort food, it isn’t healthy. Nor is it pretty. So you are forewarned!


Fry up a lot of bacon until it is good and crispy and crunchy. The more, the merrier. I usually buy a whole piece and chop it up myself into little strips.


Remove the bacon from the pan and fry up a whole lot of onions. I also added a carrot or two (just to get some extra veggies in). Just get the onions nice and soft. You don’t want them too brown and you don’t want them to get crunchy.


Next you are going to make up your mashed potato. Now, if you are going the whole hog, you can boil/mash/add butter/salt. But last night I used the cheat’s version and went with a packet as we didn’t have much time. Did you know that there are several types of mash mix…check the label. Some have extra oils and chemicals added. Others are basically just cooked dehydrated flakes of real potato which you then rehydrate. (A fun fact which I learned in my heydays working at the European Court of Justice in the 1990s…yes, we had a case about the ingredients, and what should be listed as ingredients, in mashed potato! Case C-144/93 Pfanni Werke)


But, as usual, I digress! Potato, potahto…you decide what kind of mash you want to use! 😉 Put your mash in a large dish, top with the soft onions, pour the crunchy bacon on top of that. You can, selvfølgelig, add some chives or parsley on the top for a green garnish. But as my DS16 (dear son, aged 16), once said when he was about 5 years old, “Mummy, why do you put grass on top of our food?” Ha! 😀 But I would suggest that you finish off the dish with some freshly ground black pepper and serve it with lots of pickled beetroot…


Then dig in!


After that you are free to go lie down on the sofa and hygge to your heart’s content…

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Diane 🙂



Foodie Friday – Second Portions!

Do you love food as much as I do? My favourite season is spring, spring, spring. But, when the seasons change, I love the different foods that go with them 🙂 Unfortunately it’s still very cold right now in Denmark…we’ll have a maximum of 7c degrees (45f) today. I even wore gloves during my run this morning…brr! Yes, I checked the calendar – it’s definitely the month of May – and I’ve only had my new cute sandals on ONCE! (Want to see my sandals? They’re here on Pamper Monday – Best Foot Forward.)

So we’re still waiting for those hazy days when we can fling open the door from the kitchen and go out onto the deck to eat. (We’ve been out there a couple of times – with coats on!)  But I can always dream about salads filled with goat’s cheese, delicate fruit puddings and barbecued sausages, right? Here’s a post I wrote last October about my favourite foods. I’m going to reread it myself and make my shopping list for next week…

Have a fabulous Friday! 🙂

* * * * * * * * * * *


Nikki Starr from the Flylady family is thinking of doing a food show on BlogTalkRadio. Ooooo, I love food talk! And I love food…here’s a rundown, in no particular order:

  • chocolate (Ritter Sport with Marcipan or Chocolate Mousse) I’m not a ‘high percentage’ chocolate snob – I’d rather have a huge, cheap Easter egg that you can break into hundreds of pieces and nibble all day long…
  • cherry-filled chocolates
  • salt n’ vinegar crisps
  • fresh raspberries (especially with a light sprinkling of sugar and some single cream poured over)
  • maki sushi
  • a runny boiled egg with buttered, toast soldiers
  • foie gras or warm, fried lobe of foie gras
  • champagne – any time of the day 😉
  • gin & tonic
  • crisp white wine in a bedazzlingly clean glass on a stiff white tablecloth
  • a good bloody steak with béarnaise sauce
  • chips/fries with mayonnaise or Scottish ‘chippy’ sauce
  • huge platter of fresh veggies with Goma dressing (from for dipping
  • Ben & Jerry’s Phishfood icecream
  • bacon (it makes anything taste good)
  • maraschino cherries
  • prawns/gambas
  • lemon meringue pie
  • a Danish meatball sandwich (with roasted onions, red cabbage, pickled cucumber and remoulade) from Benny’s Pølsevogn (Benny’s Hotdog Stand)

Looking over the list, quite a few of these items will be appearing on our table this weekend…who’d have thunk?! Bon appétit and bon weekend! 🙂


* * * * * * * *