Danish Marcipan Cake – Mazarinkage

One of the cakes I’ve baked for tonight’s party (a parents only party in DS10 class – yeehaw!) is this Danish Marcipan Cake, Mazarinkage. Guess what? Super simple! Feeds a lot of people. Tiny slices. Super heavy on the calories 😉 Need I say yum?

You’ll need:

  • 250g or 10oz marcipan
  • 250g or 10oz butter
  • 250g or 10oz sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 125g or 5oz plain flour

And you’ll probably want one of these…

Cut the marcipan and butter into big chunks and throw in your mixer. Pour over the sugar and the three eggs. Whizz until it’s well mixed. Add the flour and whizz again.

Pour and scrape every last drop of the mixture into a cake tin. 24cm or 9 inches in diameter. I use a springform one and line it with baking paper.

Bake in a preheated oven at 300f or 150c for about 45 minutes- should be golden on top.

Leave to cool before you take it out of the tin. I like to turn it bottom up on a plate – don’t you just love a flat bottom? 😉

If you like, you can cover the top in chocolate (melt about 200g or 8oz and spread over). Do this while the cake is still slightly warm, so it ‘grips’ better.

Or you can go ‘au naturel’ and just give it a dusting of icing sugar. Which is what I did with this one, as I’m taking a few chocolate cakes along to the party too and someone might not like chocolate. Perish the thought.

And I’m sure no-one will complain if you serve some strawberries and cream or icecream alongside…just to lighten it up a bit 😉

Bon appétit!

Hope you have a simply super Saturday! 🙂