Happy Campers!

One of the great things about being an adult is getting to decide things. Like buying a tent.  Not because you’re actually planning to go camping.  [Perish the thought – said the Champagne Socialist who just loves a swanky hotel.]  But because you remember the joys of sleeping in your backgarden as a kid.  And now – thirty years or so later – you can do the same thing.  Without having to ask Mum and Dad for permission! ;D

Here’s our new tent, which arrived half an hour ago… We’ve upgraded from the 2-man (‘bit of a squash for me and the two bairns’) Outwell Jersey S tent (that’s the orange tent which you can just spy in the background) to the 3-man (‘room to swing a small cat’) Outwell Fusion 300.

Like our previous Jersey tent, the Fusion is one of those ‘pop up’ models which meant that DS11 and DD8 had it out of the cardboard box, out of its carrybag…

…and erected, tent pegs secured, within? Two teeny minutes!

All we need now are our sleeping bags and mats. And we’re ready for a night (kind of) underneath the stars 🙂

OurFlylady stainless steel water bottles are already in there –

good work DD9!

Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend! 🙂