Monday Morning (School) Blues

As if Monday mornings (= returning to school after a full weekend glued to
the computer and/or his bed) aren’t tough enough on my DS14 (dear son, aged 14),
there is now even more for him to dread…

Up until last week, he had idræt (gym) once a week. But now they’ve
rejigged the timetable and, starting today, he now has gym twice! Poor wee
lamb! ;)

Oh, and please, please, please don’t anyone remind him about the Danish
school reform (negotiated after that infamous
five-week-long-Lockout of Danish teachers
), which is set to come into place
in August this year and will include:

(Mindst) Én times bevægelse om dagen.

(At least) One hour’s exercise per


Have a marvelous Monday!

Diane :)

My little treasure’s treasures

I’m not the type of Mum who keeps absolutely everything her Little Darlings bring home from school.  (Though I do have an A4 lever arch file where I keep the very best drawings.  Plus a cardboard box from Ikea where anything that might turn out to be a family heirloom is tossed into.  When the lid starts to levitate, it’s time to look at things with a ‘non-motherly’ eye.)

On the other hand, I will never be the Mother with First and Second Division Christmas trees.  The first one – the ‘real’ tree – picture perfect, towering majestically, carefully hung with tasteful decorations in ‘this year’s colours’.  Plus a second tree to accommodate the cute (but clumsy) decorations made by tiny, fumbling hands.   That’s just sad.

I’m not a grey type of person.  If I like things, I really, really, really like things.  As in the Danish expression, ‘I can’t get my arms down’ kind of way.  (I danced with a friend to a Presets song at a school party.  He said to me afterwards, “Thanks for the dance. You’re, euh, um, really…enthusiastic.” Tee hee!)  Today DS11 came home with a little bust that he made in art class.  I loved it on sight.  We proudly present “Mr Clay Man”.

“Mr Clay Man” has already taken pride of place in the hall (we’ve a 3-storey house, so our hall is like Piccadilly Circus).  We’ve put him right alongside my other favourite work of art.  Which, as it just happens, was also made by DS11 in art class.  “The Wire Bird.”


Have a fabulous Friday.  Hope it’s filled to the brim with little treasures! 🙂