Fill ‘er up!

Do you turn on the oven without thinking? I mean, would you heat up your oven to cook a single dish? I admit that I do sometimes. Eek! Let’s not dwell too much on the energy we’re wasting and, more importantly, what it’s costing… ;D

One of the best memories from my childhood was baking with my Mum on Sunday afternoons 🙂

Mum would get out the Be-Ro book (one you got free with coupons from bags of flour) and we’d find a recipe that ‘matched’ the oven temerature of whatever roast she already had in there. Back then, there was no way she’d turn on the oven without planning what was going in and making sure both shelves were filled 🙂

I try and keep this in mind when menuplanning. Tonight DD8 prepared chicken…

Brussels sprouts. Which, incidentally, she thought were so much fun to prepare? Just wait til she eats them! ;D

And crashed hot potatoes

No room to spare… Yay!

Bon appétit, fill up those ovens and have a fabulous Friday! 🙂