Remember to polish!

When I was out shopping with my sweetie DDSIL (Dear-Danish-Sister-in-Law) on Friday, we stopped by one of my favourite local shops - an Aladdin's cave for girls of all ages - the Pink Flamingo 🙂  They had some new spring nail colours.  I couldn't resist and bought three of them.  I should point out (mainly for the benefit… Continue reading Remember to polish!

Feel Good Friday – Time for Bed

Before I started on my Flylady journey, I never wanted to go to bed. After a long day with the wee ones I felt like I deserved some 'me' time at the end of the day. "I want to stay up late and watch rubbish television, eat crips (or chocolates, preferably both!) and go to bed when I… Continue reading Feel Good Friday – Time for Bed

Pamper Monday – Bite me!

Copenhagen, Monday morning, 8am. I've just delivered the kids to school and I'm unlocking my bike and putting on my cycle helmet. I'm already saying to myself 'in an hour it'll all be over and done with'. The 'it' in question being my dentist appointment. If you don't know what the word 'dentist' does to me, go… Continue reading Pamper Monday – Bite me!

Pamper Monday – I like coffee, I like tea…

Monday is the day here on the blog where I concentrate on pampering. Taking pleasure in the little things that make me feel good and help to recharge my batteries 🙂 Twelve years ago we got a fancy schmancy coffee maker as a wedding present. Not something we used every day, mainly at weekends and when… Continue reading Pamper Monday – I like coffee, I like tea…

Pamper Monday – Basket Case

Monday is here again which means it's time to focus on pampering. Certainly one of the fun parts of the Flylady system but definitely one of the most difficult things to accept that you NEED to do...just for you...if you want to be a happy bunny, that is! 😉 On Saturday my 'twisters' (twitter buddies) and… Continue reading Pamper Monday – Basket Case

Pamper Monday – Who’s a little sweetie?

Last week I was pampering my tootsies and - hooray, hooray - we've finally been rewarded with some spring weather, my new sandals have had an airing and the first daffs and tulips are shooting up in the garden before our very eyes 🙂 But, as usual on a Monday, I've got another pamper idea… Continue reading Pamper Monday – Who’s a little sweetie?

Pamper Monday – Best Foot Forward!

Welcome back to another week and another Pamper Monday! Is it hotting up where you are? It's certainly been sunny in Copenhagen this last week. Alas, the heat is dragging its feet. So - on that note, boom boom! - this week I'm going to focus on pampering my pins! Here are my brand new, metallic strappy sandals.… Continue reading Pamper Monday – Best Foot Forward!

Pamper Monday – Cover to Cover Girl

Pamper time again! Spring is most definitely in the Copenhagen air. Just look at this carpet of crocuses/croci I snapped this morning. Yep, sorry it's a bit blurry, but I was out on my morning run! 😉 And I l-o-v-e that the evenings are getting l-o-n-g-e-r. Makes me want to invite lots of friends round for dinner. It's also… Continue reading Pamper Monday – Cover to Cover Girl