Those Crazy Danes or Dianes?

Before we got our swanky new kitchen (you do remember our kitchen remodel at the end of last year, don't you...all three months of it?) - at which point my entire collection of kitsch fridge magnets were henceforth banished to a sedate, lonely life on the door of the ancient extra fridge in the basement - I used to have this on permanent… Continue reading Those Crazy Danes or Dianes?

Like Mother Like Daughter

DD7 turns 8 tomorrow. I know it's the most clichรฉd thing to say but...really, where does the time go? What happened to my little baby?Here's a picture of her,taken at Danish nursery when she was about 5 years old.Sometimes DD7 drives me nuts. (Though, thankfully, we left the screaming stage a couple of years ago.) A lot of… Continue reading Like Mother Like Daughter

Mum’s Minestrone

There's been a lot of talk amongst my twisters (Twitter sisters) about soups recently. Not really a surprise with the 'postcard' winter weather we've been having from London to Copenhagen to Iowa. Here's one of my own favourite family soups, my Mum's minestrone. She always makes it in her pressure cooker - I always make… Continue reading Mum’s Minestrone