Traditions by the season: Danish carnival!

Happy Thursday! Do you celebrate Carnival in your part of the world? If you have Danish heritage you are probably getting ready for Fastelavn! This Sunday is Danish Carnival: celebrated seven weeks before Easter Sunday and, for small kids, it’s the highlight of the year (aside from Christmas). We eat delicous buns filled with cream,… Continue reading Traditions by the season: Danish carnival!

Bake your own Fastelavnsboller!

DS13 (dear son,aged 13) cycled home like lightning on Thursday – proffering homemade fastelavnsboller (Danish carnival buns) he had made in hjemkundskab (home economics class). [Want some background on Danish carnival? Check out my DIY Fastelavn! ] We made another batch of fastelavnsboller together this weekend. Check out these big beauties!Fastelavns boller - carnival buns!… Continue reading Bake your own Fastelavnsboller!

DIY Fastelavn – Danish Carnival

[This post is also published over at - the official website of Denmark run by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs] Last week in We heart Danish Drama, I gave you an idea for a Carnival costume. And, by jingo, if you’re planning to celebrate Fastelavn (as the Danes call it), you’d better get… Continue reading DIY Fastelavn – Danish Carnival

Copenhagen Carnival Capers!

DD7 changed her mind several times this week (as is a girl's perogative...) as to what she was going to be for school today. Flamenco dancer, dalmation dog, secret agent, English teacher, popstar. At 7.30am yesterday morning, we signed an agreement. Here she cardboard box, several glue sticks and some old junk later. A… Continue reading Copenhagen Carnival Capers!

Catty Carnival in Copenhagen (Fastelavn)

Carnival in Copenhagen. Okay, so we're not talking Carnival like the one in Rio. Honestly, would you want to dance around half-naked, peely-wally white, in zero temperatures? I think not. If you want the whole historical background of the Danish festival, I suggest you go google 😉 Here's what I think you need to know: it's… Continue reading Catty Carnival in Copenhagen (Fastelavn)

Crafty Tuesday – 9 February 2010 (Fastelavnsris – Carnival decoration)

The kids are excited about their Carnival parties this week. I'll write more about how carnival is celebrated in Denmark tomorrow. But as today is Crafty Tuesday, let's set those timers for 15 minutes and make a carnival essential! A Fastelavnsris... You'll need: a few bare branches (should be easy to find at this time of year...)… Continue reading Crafty Tuesday – 9 February 2010 (Fastelavnsris – Carnival decoration)