Great Dane-ish Pastries! (Part Six – Bread Rolls)

Okay, where did we get to with our wienerbrød? So far we’ve seen the spandauer, frøsnapper, kanelsnegl, tebirkesand thewienerstang. Yummy, yum, yum!

For breakfast today we have a selection of plain bread rolls. Okay, not exactly
wienerbrød. But quintessentially Danish nevertheless! Oh, and before
we go any further, you should know that Danish bread rolls should be cut in half
before serving to guests. Want to know more about that? Go read Roll up, roll up!

Breakfast time!

So let’s start with the kids’ favourite. The tebolle (‘tea roll’).
A fairly small, round roll that has a slight sheen on the outside, a soft
crust and is soft and fluffy on the inside. There is also another
version containing raisins which – selvfølgelig – is called a

Tebolle – ‘tea roll’

Then we have my own particular favourite. The rundstykke (literally
’round piece’). A slightly bigger, round roll which has a medium hard crust and
is traditionally topped with hundreds of white poppy seeds. (Though, as you can
see below, our local baker uses a mix of white and blue poppy seeds.)

Rundstykke – ’round piece’

Lastly we have my husband’s favourite morning roll. The håndværker
(literally ‘tradesman’). The shape is more square than round, it has a pretty
hard crust and is topped with blue poppy seeds. Takes a bit of chewing.

Håndværker – ‘a tradesman’

And what exactly do the Danes spread or put on top of those morning rolls,
now that they’ve been cut in half and are lying ready on the plate? Join me
next time to find out! ;)



Great Dane-ish Pastries! (Part Five – Wienerstang)

Today we have one of the ‘log’ type pastries – a “wienerstang“. One looooooong bar of
yumminess, great for sharing! And it’s cheaper than buying individual pastries
– good for crowds! [said the Canny Scot]

You’ll need a large platter to hold this

There are selvfølgelig various varieties… With sugar and chopped
toasted almonds on the top. Or, this one, my own favourite, with lots and lots
of lovely chocolate and white “glasur” (icing)!

Perfect for cutting into slices and eating at
breakfast, or with a nice cuppa in the afternoon. Trouble is, though, that one
slice is never enough! ;)

WIENERSTANG – The final verdict!

Sweetness: 4 out of 5

Messiness: 3 out of 5,

Current price: approx. Dkr 46 ($8.30 or £5.20)

Join me next time for more wonderful, wonderful Dane-ish pastries!

Diane :)

Great Dane-ish Pastries! (Part Four – Tebirkes)

Who’s ready for another wonderful, wonderful Dane-ish pasty?

Today we have the tebirkes.  Which, translated literally, means a ‘tea-poppy seed’. Outside of Copenhagen, it’s sometimes called a Københavnerbirkes, a ‘Copenhagen-poppy seed’.


As you can see, it’s a fairly high, light puffy bread roll and, as the Danes say, it “sidder mellem to stole” – ‘sits between two chairs’.  On the one hand, it isn’t a full-on-in-your-face sweet Danish pastry.  But on the other, it’s not a plain old savoury roll.  Great for when you want something a little sweet but are pretending to be healthy…  Though I like to go the whole hog, slice it open and lather it with butter! ;)

Mmmm…lots of lovely Kærgården with my bread!

The tebirkes tastes very similar to the frøsnapper, savoury-looking but with a sticky sweet bottom.  And, yes – by jingo dash – the tebirkes is made from the very same dough and ingredients.  The frøsnapper is just shaped differently…

Frøsnapper – cousin of the tebirkes

Don’t like sweet things?  Want a healthier option?  Then you can always go for the no frills, non-sweet variant, the grovbirkes – grov meaning ‘rough’ or ‘coarse’.

But back to my favourite variety, the tebirkes

TEBIRKES – The final verdict!

Sweetness: 3 out of 5

Messiness: 4 out of 5, 

Current price: approx. Dkr 13 ($2.30 or £1.47)

Join me next time for more wonderful, wonderful Great Dane-ish pastries!

Diane :)

Great Dane-ish Pastries! (Part Three – Snegle)

Last time we looked at the frøsnapper – a ‘seed snapper’ – guaranteed to
leave you with black and white bits between your teeth.

Today we have en kanelsnegl (a ‘cinnamon snail’) and it comes a very close second to my all-time
fave (which you met in Part
One – en spandauer

It’s a good choice for eating on the hoof because a) it doesn’t contain seeds
that fall off, b) it doesn’t contain jam or creamy stuff that can fall out of it
and c) it’s more of a bread than a flaky pastry, so it doesn’t leave crumbs all
over your clothes. Though – like it’s animal namesake – it will leave behind a sticky trail, so
you’ll still need your wits about you. Here’s one I bought at the station –
which I ate in about three bites ;)

En kanelsnegl (‘cinnamon snail’) from the underground station

But if you are really hungry.
Or just feeling extravagant. Then you need to try en direktørsnegl (a
‘director’s snail’). Also goes by the name høj snegl (‘tall snail’).
Which contains all of the above, plus whatever the baker thinks is fit for a
boss. In this case some slivered almonds, chocolate and white icing…

En direktørsnegl (‘director’s snail’)


Yup, the direktørsnegl is not for the faint-hearted – this is a real
whopper. It’s not only larger in circumference than your regular garden
snail…it’s also very tall. The kind that requires a knife to cut it into
smaller pieces!

A tall order…


Whew, I need a glass of water…

SNEGLE – The final verdict!

Sweetness: 4 out of 5

Messiness: 3 out of 5,

Current price: approx. Dkr 13 ($2.30 or £1.47) – KANELSNEGL

Dkr 15 ($2.65 or

Join me next time for more wonderful, wonderful Great Dane-ish pastries!

Diane :)

Great Dane-ish Pastries! (Part Two – Frøsnapper)

Last time I introduced
you to my all-time favourite Danish pastry, the Spandauer. Not to be confused with my other
favourite Spandauer…Martin Kemp, hee hee! And swoon! ;)

Today we have….en frøsnapper – a ‘seed snapper’!

En frøsnapper – a frog snapper!

Frø is the Danish word for ‘seed’ and – as you can see from the
above – this Danish pastry certainly lives up to its name, catching all the
sesame and poppy seeds that cross its path. [The name did confuse me at first
though, because frø is also the Danish word for ‘frog’…] As you can
also see from the above, it’s a bit of a whopper – a long, low log – and doesn’t
fit onto a normal sideplate.

Now, you might think – selvfølgelig – that it doesn’t look
particularly sweet. There isn’t any icing, jam or obvious custardy cream type
stuff. But don’t been fooled because it has a very sweet and sticky bottom! And
you’ll also need to watch out (or at least come prepared) if you’re planning to
eat one of these at a café or wandering around town. Because all those little
seeds are going to get stuck right into your teeth. So bring a
toothbrush, avoid completely or enjoy behind closed doors! ;)

Seeds galore!

FRØSNAPPER – The final verdict!

Sweetness: 3 out of 5

Messiness: 5 out of 5,

Current price: approx. Dkr 9 ($1.61 or £1.04)

Join me next time for more wonderful. wonderful Dane-ish pastries!

Velbekomme! (Bon appétit!)

Diane :)

Great Dane-ish Pastries! (Part One)

I biked down to the bakers this morning to get some Danish pastries for
breakfast. Now, please note, I don’t normally shell out exorbitant amounts
of money buying fresh pastries on bog-standard Wednesday mornings – it was a
special mid-week treat because we’ve friends visiting from London. Anyway, the
bakers shelves were jam-packed with sticky/crumbly/crunchy delights in all
shapes and sizes and it struck me that – gadzooks – it’s high time that I give
you a run-down on the myriad of wonderful, wonderful Great Dane-ish pastries!

Great Dane-ish Pastries!

Now, basics first. As you may know, the Danes don’t actually call
their pastries “Danish pastries” or “Danish”. They call them
wienerbrød” (literally “Vienna bread”). So who invented them, the
Danes or the Austrians? Who knows and, to be honest, who cares?

En spandauer

Today I’m starting off – selvfølgelig – with my own, personal
favourite, en spandauer. (Yep, you guessed right, the name comes from
Spandau, Berlin. I have no idea why.) Spandauer are individual
pastries, as opposed to the long, log ones where you cut off a slice. The shape
is basically circular, it’s fairly low in height, with a space in the middle
that contains either a yellow custard/cream or (the one I always go for) a dollop of raspberry
jam, topped with chopped nuts and drizzled with lots of white icing.

Make mine with jam, please!

SPANDAUER – The final verdict!

Sweetness: 5 out of 5, a full-on sugar rush

Messiness: 3 out of 5, spandauers aren’t too crumbly but they’re pretty

Current price: approx. Dkr 12 ($2.15 or £1.37)

Join me next time for more wonderful. wonderful Dane-ish pastries!

Velbekomme! (Bon appétit!)

Diane :)