On the Town

DH is in Brussels, Belgium today. DS10 won’t be home til After Eight [anyone else think of chocs?]. He and his classmates are at a Boys Only evening, organised by the After School Club teachers. Which means that DD7 and I are on our toddies! 🙂

DD7 is in first grade so finishes at 12.50pm. We took the tube (called S-tog) into the centre of Copenhagen and had made our first purchases by 1.30pm. We girls don’t hang around! 😉

We took it in turns to choose what to look at…

Here’s a snap of the front window of Denmark’s famous ‘design’ department store, Illums Bolighus. And what’s that in the little birdie’s nest…?

Why it’s a miniature chair, bien sûr! Euh? No, not just a chair. This tiny (though true to 1:6 scale and, I should mention, highly collectable) four-legged masterpiece will set you back Kr.719 (£95, $160). Do you need to sit down? 😉 And don’t think I’m going to give you the price for the normal grown-up version of the chair, because you wouldn’t believe me! Just for the record, the chair is called Syveren (‘Seven’) and was designed by Arne Jacobsen, one of Denmark’s best known architects and designers. He’s buried just up the road from us. And the chair (the normal version, that grown ups’ bottoms can fit on) is Denmark’s most sold design chair.

But I digress! 🙂 DD7 and I shopped until we almost dropped. But revived ourselves…

…once or twice.

Strangest sight of the day for DD7? The white-wigged Mac make-up ladies. Yep, it’s fashion daaaarling!

We had a wonderful Wednesday…hope you did too! 🙂