Pamper Monday – Basket Case

Monday is here again which means it’s time to focus on pampering. Certainly one of the fun parts of the Flylady system but definitely one of the most difficult things to accept that you NEED to do…just for you…if you want to be a happy bunny, that is! 😉

On Saturday my ‘twisters’ (twitter buddies) and I had a 30 minute Twister Pamper Party. We live in different corners of the world but – thanks to the wonders of BlogTalkRadio – five of us were able to talk on the ‘party line’ together and chat online with all the others who were listening in. Thanks to Flybaby Moni for hosting, you did a sterling job! xo

Here’s thelink to the Twister Pamper Party show if you’d like to listen for yourself. But hey, don’t click just yet, go get yourself a suitable drink and grab some pamper items ready before you start listening! 🙂 Here’s what I grabbed to take with me. My pink pamper basket. Given to me this Christmas by DD8 (she painted it at school), I’ve filled it with manicure/pedicure stuff (and a few carefully hidden chocolates) and it lives beside my bed…

Maybe that kind of stuff isn’t your thing? Then spend 15 minutes doing something you like. Just for you. I post my own personal pamper ideas here on the blog on Mondays but the Flylady has tons of great ideas on her website. You can see them here.

Have a marvelously manicured Monday! 🙂

Flybaby Movie Party (Mamma Mia)

Roll up, roll up, for the Greatest Show on Earth!

Get out your diaries because the time has come for our first Flybaby Movie Party of 2010! 🙂

Saturday 30 January 2010 at the following time

  • 1pm Eastern US
  • 2pm for Nova Scotia
  • 6pm in the UK
  • 7pm in Denmark, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and South Africa
  • 8pm in Israel

What’s a Flybaby Movie Party? We pick a movie – this time round it’s Mamma Mia – and watch it ‘together’ around the globe and ‘chat’ via

Want to join in the fun? Here’s how… Find a copy of the film (DVD, Netflix etc). Note to flybabies: go and hunt down a copy RIGHT NOW! Do NOT wait until two hours before we start the party! 😉 Then log in to the BlogTalk chat on the day. I will be sending out a link and plenty of reminders… Insert film into TV or computer. Start the film. Chat, relax, enjoy! And remember your favourite beverage and popcorn! 😉

The very first film we watched was Thoroughly Modern Millie [nudge, nudge, wink, wink] and you can read all about it on my post Raaaspberries! 😉 We’ve since watched “The Princess Bride”, “Grease” and “Dirty Dancing”. This time we’re getting ready for a singalong. Are you ready to join us?

Have a Mammagnificent Monday! 🙂

Caf̩ Copenhagen (pamper time) Р14 December 2009

Monday is the day I do my radio show on BlogTalkRadio. Why don’t you listen in? We’re going to be pampering for 15 minutes. Did you know that pampering is the Flylady habit for this month?

What’s that? You don’t have 15 minutes per day to recharge your batteries??? Well that’s just fine, because today I’ll be talking about ways to pamper for just  f-i-v-e  minutes! ;D

Click here to listen. Chat will be open.

Get ready to feel good! And just relax… 🙂

Woozy Wednesday

I have to admit that I’m a bit woozy today because I went to bed way too late last night. Or rather, I went to bed early, but got up at 1am when my alarm went off – on purpose! 😉

These days I’m pretty sensible about going to bed at a reasonable hour (normally before 10) and getting my much needed beauty sleep. But I didn’t want to miss a very special BlogTalkRadio show. My mentor – Marla Cilley, the Flylady – was celebrating her 10 year anniversary. 10 years of helping others to get their houses (and eventually their heads) out of chaos. One babystep at a time…and it all starts with shining your sink.

Go listen! It was worth getting out of bed for! 😉

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

PS: I had to laugh when I saw Kelly’s mission for today…

Just did mine!

Caf̩ Copenhagen Р30 November 2009

The kitchen remodel is finished (yeehaw), so I’m flying on to other things…

Today I restart my BlogTalkRadio show and I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio – though also a little nervous. But as the Flylady says, you can do anything for 15 minutes, and that’s precisely how long my show is 😉

Come and join me for a quick pamper session! Chat will be open and I’m hoping some of my twisters (twitter sisters) will be joining me. And if you can’t listen live, then you can always listen to the archive – no excuses! 🙂

Click here to listen.

Okay, time to clean my desk and get myself ready… Happy listening! 🙂

Copenhagen Kitchen – week 12

We. Are. Finished. No. More. Kitchen. Remodel.

12 weeks. 12 weeks that actually flew by (thank you again, Flylady).

What now? Well, I’ relearning to cook in the new kitchen. Still finding out how all these new (and wonderful) kitchen appliances work. Just the other day I discovered that the hob (induction) has 5 rings that have seperate timers on them… So I can cook pasta for, say, 12 minutes, boil broccoli for 4 minutes, gently heat sauce for 3 minutes – and they switch themselves off automatically. How cool is that? 😉 And I haven’t even got to the chapter about the automatic temperature sensor…the hob came with special barcode stickers that you stick on the sides of your saucepans and it automatically cooks your steak to perfection. Apparently.

But what now, now? I need to find a new topic for my Monday posts. The blog at the moment looks like this:

  • Tuesday – crafts, usually 15 minute ones 😉
  • Wednesday – my life, often Denmark related
  • Thursday – menu planning
  • Friday – things I like
  • Saturday – normally a recipe
  • Sunday – Christmas planning

I’m thinking it’s been a while (too long) since I sat in my little BlogTalkRadio studio… My idea at the moment is to write a post Monday morning and follow it up in the afternoon (Danish time) with a radio show. “Café Copenhagen”. A chance for Flybabies to get together for a chinwag or a good old pamper session – for those magic 15 minutes! As Emma says, we shall see… 🙂