Crafty Tuesday – Chicken or the (Easter) Egg Trick

While Easter is still fresh in my mind (i.e. we still have some bits of chocolate egg left and the decorations haven’t been put away yet) here’s a fun little chicky trick to amuse the kidlets…

Take a sheet of paper (portrait style) and draw an egg. Or an Easter egg 😉

Take another sheet of paper (landscape style) and draw a little chicky.

Place the papers criss-cross[is gonna make you jump, jump] with the chicken paper on top of the egg paper.

Roll them up around a pencil. All the way. Remember that the chicken was on top…

Now you’re going to unroll and – hey presto – the egg now came first!

Don’t even think of asking me how I did it… Because a) a Magician never reveals her tricks and b) I don’t know! 😉

Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂