Election time! Left. Right. Left, left, right!

There are Danish local and regional elections coming up on 19 November.  (KV13 - for the media savvy.)  And how do I know this?  Because our local newspaper's debate pages are suddenly full of letters from caring, would-be politicians who are up in arms about local issues.  And overnight every lamppost in Denmark has been adorned with pensive/smiling/serious/concerned faces! Now, I'm Scottish… Continue reading Election time! Left. Right. Left, left, right!

Celebrate with stegt flæsk!

* * This post appeared earlier today on http://www.denmark.dk - the official website of Denmark. The direct link is http://blogs.denmark.dk/diane/2011/06/07/celebrate-with-stegt-fl%c3%a6sk/   * *  Get ready to wave your Danish flags…because the ‘Killer Cucumber’ saga is behind us and it’s safe to eat your greens again!   ['Eek!' say the nations' kids - having had a welcome break from… Continue reading Celebrate with stegt flæsk!