Anyone for Wii? Part 2

I think this WiiFit and I are going to become firm friends. And I’m not just saying that because yesterday, when I retook my body test, it adjusted my WiiFit age from 71 to 34….that’s eight years YOUNGER than I actually am! LOL

No, it seems like it’s going to be a great supplement to the exercise I’m already doing with the NEWO system Go check out Jonathan Roche’s website, there are free workouts, recipes and training tips.

I heard about Jonathan Roche via (suprise, surprise!) the Flylady and couldn’t resist the lure of his “6 minute” strength training exercise. As Jonathan says, if you’ve got 6 minutes to watch TV or spend on the computer, you’ve got 6 minutes to do this workout! Want to try?

I also try to fit in 3 interval workouts every week. I don’t have a gym membership any longer (prefer my own music…), instead I go running twice a week in the park with some other schoolmums and mow the lawn (or #lawnmothering as I like to call it on one to two times a week. Now, mowing the lawn may not sound much of a workout to you, but my heartrate monitor tells a different story 😉

You can google interval training, but basically it means pushing your body for, say, 3 minutes, and then recovering for 1 minute. So if you like biking, you cycle like mad for 3 minutes and slow down for 1. Or if you like walking, you powerwalk for 3 and go at a leisurely pace for 1. You get the idea. Repeat about 4 times, or as required. My interval workouts usually last 30-45 minutes.

So, back to the WiiFit… I tried the ‘muscle’ exercises and worked my way through lifts, pushups, lunges and squats. Very similar to what I’m doing now, but with the advantage of being able to put in your own number of reps. And, judging by the way my thighs feel this morning, this thing actually works.

Anyone for Wii?

DH calmly announced to the DKs in the middle of our summer holidays in France that, “When we get back to Denmark, we’ll buy a Wii.” Hello? Was there any discussion with the other grown-up in this family? LOL We already have a PlayStation (albeit not number 3, though we do have that little camera eye-thingy that goes on top of telly) and, to be brutally honest, it’s often covered with dust.

Back in Denmark, DH goes off to the shops to acquire said Wii. I told him not to return home, unless he was also carrying a WiiFit in his other hand. Not that I actually knew what a WiiFit was, but a lot of friends have been raving about them 😉

So here we are…3 weeks since the acquisition and I still haven’t had a proper shot on the darn thing. The first week it was impossible to get to the machine for small children. The second week we had visitors and it was impossible to get to the machine for adults masquerading as big children.

I have at least managed to set up my profile where I was delighted to read that I had a perfect BMI but a virtual age of 71…? Hmm, something wrong there. So – without further ado – I will switch off the computer, crank up the music, push back the sofa (putting my procrastination underneath one of the cushions) and go wii…

Full match report to follow.