Coconut Rice (in the ricecooker)

Before I start, I just have to show what DD8 made for me at woodwork… Cute, huh?! ;D You can see a photo of DD8’s ‘real’ Doggy righthere.

Anyway, it’s Saturday and I want to give you another recipe for your ricecooker. You all know how I l.o.v.e my ricecooker, don’t you?! If you look over at the list of lables on the right of the blog, you’ll find lots of other ideas for your ricecooker (scrambled eggs, ricepudding, etc). Today I give you…Yummy Coconut Rice! Great for serving with spicy meat or Caribean/Thai/Asian style dishes.

You’ll need:

  • any type of white rice (not brown), I used jasmine
  • coconut milk (full fat is best, bien sûr)
  • water
  • salt
  • dessicated coconut (the stuff you use for making cakes/muffins etc)

I’m going to give you the basic quantities for the rice because it will all depend on how many people you want to serve. For our family of four, I use two of the measuring cups that came with my machine. Wash the rice (2 measures) in hot water and let it drip off.

Put the washed rice into your ricecooker and add two measures of water, two measures of canned coconut milk, a half teaspoon of salt and three good tablespoons of dessicated coconut…

Give it a good stir (using the wooden spoon your sweetie wee DS10 made for you at woodwork?) and start your machine. Regular cycle – which on my machine takes about 20 minutes.

Give it a poke now and then if you want, or a good stir at the end. You’ll probably want to add more salt at the end and maybe sprinkle more dessicated coconut on the top. Bon appétit! [Ahem, yes, you’ve noticed? There is no picture of the final product because, after my long summer blog vacation, I forgot to take a pic…oopsie!]

Have a simply super Saturday! 🙂