Turn off the lights! (Let there be light 2)

It’s funny how things turn out…  Last Friday I wrote a post called Let there be light. about light on the end of my kitchen tap and a music programme on Danish radio.  This week I’m on the same topics.  Just with a very different perspective…

Wherever you are in the world, you’ve no doubt seen or heard something today about Earth Hour.  Millions of people around the globe will switch off their lights for one hour tomorrow – Saturday 26 March – to ‘pledge their support for the planet’ and ‘take a stand against climate change’.  Here in Denmark we’ll be joining in – from large businesses like the Tivoli Gardens to local councils and, of course, people like you and me.  We’ve got friends and family coming for dinner tomorrow and – at 8.30pm – we’ll be dining by candlelight. Will you be turning off the lights?

[On a side note: we’ll be putting the clocks forward in Europe this weekend…

so we’ve got lots of lovely, bright, long, long, loooong summer nights ahead of us – hooray!]

I also mentioned in Friday’s post that I love the Danish radio programme Unga Bunga.  Well, on Tuesday Kjeld Tolstrup, one of the show’s DJs (and an icon in Danish music), died at the age of 45.  Very, very sad news 🙁  For years and years this programme has been one of the highlights of my week.  I dance around the kitchen on Friday nights while preparing dinner or clearing up – glass of wine or a G+T in hand, dreaming back to the hazy days (read: before kids) when I would regularly go clubbing.  RIP Kjeld.  You’ll be sadly missed.

Here’s a track that Kjeld played on the show a few weeks ago which literally gave me goosebumps… The old techno classic Dr Baker ‘Kaos’ from 1990 (which I still have on cassette!), now revamped by Kenneth Bager, (one of Kjeld’s friends and another icon in Danish music).  I only figured out today that – duh – Dr Baker and Kenneth Bager are the same person.  (Bager is the Danish word for baker…)  So, twenty years later, he’s remixed his own song.  And it’s still fantastic second time around!  It’s a terrible video (I’m sorry, but it truly is) so why don’t you just turn up the volume to 11 and – as the title suggests – Turn off the lights!

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful Earth Day 🙂