Going for Seven with Missus Smarty Pants!

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I love Missus Smarty Pants – the sassy style guru of the Flylady family who helps us to not only look our best but feel our best.  While beauty comes from within, the right clothes can make us feel fabulous!  (You can see my previous posts about Missus MSP by clicking here.)

In the spirit of Flylady’s motto “Let’s go for seven in 2011!”, here are seven things Missus Smarty Pants has taught me:

  • always think of the CPW or ‘cost per wear’ when buying clothes – a classic jacket may be pricey but it’s better than any ‘bargain’ buy that you’re never going to wear or have nothing to go with
  • belts – I’ve always been good at wearing scarves and lots of jewellry but belts are a new addition to my accessories family 
  • good basics, good basics, good basics – shall I say that again? ;D
  • eyeliner – I never go anywhere without mascara, lipgloss or lipstick but have started using liquid eyeliner for exra pizazz – every single day – ‘cos who doesn’t need daily pizazz?!
  • the right fit and the right colours: I’ve had a subscription to the Missus MSP Personal Profile for the past 3 years and also have the Seasonal Colour ID (Ha! I’m a spring, just like my favourite weather season!) and I’ve saved tons of money by avoiding impulse buys. Wearing colours that suit me has given me more energy and plenty of compliments! 😀
  • check and replace underwear regularly – we go swimming once a week and my new rule is that, if my underwear isn’t fit to be paraded in front of the other ladies in the communal dressing room, then it needs replacing! ;D
  • pamper myself – a cornerstone of the Flylady programme. This week I decided to go ahead and do something quite scary but very exciting – I had an appointment with a Personal Shopper at Denmark’s oldest department store, Magasin. It’s a free service: anyone can book a two hour ‘wardrobe makeover’ or a one hour consulation if you’re looking for a wedding outfit, good basic trousers or a specific item.  I had the two hour treatment and it was fabulous – I’m still reeling!  Details to follow in a separate blog post, watch this space…
The final contenders after my appointment with a Personal Shopper! 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday – and hey, let’s keep it stylish out there! 🙂