Remember to polish!

When I was out shopping with my sweetie DDSIL (Dear-Danish-Sister-in-Law) on Friday, we stopped by one of my favourite local shops - an Aladdin's cave for girls of all ages - the Pink Flamingo 🙂  They had some new spring nail colours.  I couldn't resist and bought three of them.  I should point out (mainly for the benefit… Continue reading Remember to polish!

Får De? (Are you being served?)

It's been snowing all morning (been out twice to shovel and sweep) and now I'm off down to Hellerup to buy a scarf for a friend. So why am I stuffing a rather large crockpot cookbook into my handbag? Let me introduce you to a fantastic teeny tiny place in Hellerup called "The Pink Flamingo". The boring term for it is… Continue reading Får De? (Are you being served?)