I heart Danish comfort food! (Part Eight – Suppe)

Whenever the temperature
drops (which is every single day at this time of the year…), my kids are under
the weather or we need cheering up, I always make this Danish


Another easy peasy thing to make. Just like the Danish fishcakesI showed you last time, Danish meatball and
dumpling soup is as close as you are going to get in Denmark to a ‘ready meal’.
All you need is a couple of carrots, some water, a stock cube and a bag of
these kød og melboller from the freezer section at the supermarket…

Kød og melboller – readymade meatballs and

Chop up a couple of carrots and fry in a little oil or butter. Add about
one litre of water and a stock cube (I always use chicken). Let it boil and
bubble for a couple of minutes.

Carrots and water bubbling away. Now for the stock

Now listen up, because the next part is very important! Turn down the heat!
Turn down the heat! You want a very gentle simmer. Add the packet of kød
og melboller

Kød og melboller – frozen meatballs and

Keep it on a very gentle simmer for about 5 minutes. The soup will be ready
to eat when the frozen dumplings rise to the surface. If you let the soup boil,
the dumplings will begin to puff up like giant cotton balls. And then
disintegrate. Leaving you with – yikes! – a very sorry mess instead of a yummy,
warming soup. Not what we want at all.

Just add plenty of salt and pepper, some hot crusty bread (or maybe some
toasted rugbrød ‘ryebread’) and a cold Danish beer. Guaranteed


Diane :)