Halloween! And the Marsh Woman is brewing…

Woop, woop! ย It's Friday and - for the kids and the young at heart - also Halloween! ย The weather in Copenhagen is perfect for a spooky night: our clocks went back on Sunday so it's twilight by 5pm, there's a real chill in the air and it's not really raining but just damp. Yesterday morning… Continue reading Halloween! And the Marsh Woman is brewing…

Halloween – boo! Not boo hoo!

I'm getting our Halloween things ready today and tomorrow because I don't want to be running around on Monday afternoon when it's pitch dark (yes, folks, our clocks go back on Sunday night).   Been there.  Done that.  Got the Zombie t-shirt.  So here's my checklist so I don't turn into an unravelled mummie a frazzled mummy.  We want… Continue reading Halloween – boo! Not boo hoo!

Crafty Tuesday – time for a round up!

Tuesday again...which usually means it's time for another 15 minute craft here on the blog. Today I'm giving you a run down of what we've done so far. Maybe you'll find an activity to keep the kids amused while you do the last of the Christmas wrapping. Maybe you need a homemade teacher or hostess gift?… Continue reading Crafty Tuesday – time for a round up!

Crafty Tuesday – Halloween 4

Here we are again...another Halloween craft that shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to complete. Unless, of course, your kids want to sit at the table for longer than that! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We used stuff that we've got lying around or can be bought at the supermarket. We're still on our ghost theme because that's what my two have decided they… Continue reading Crafty Tuesday – Halloween 4

Crafty Tuesday – Halloween 3

I'm in (hopefully) sunny Scotland right now, visiting my Mum and Dad. But didn't want you to miss out on Crafty Tuesday...so here's one I prepared earlier! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today we're doing more decorations that can be done by the kids and that don't take more than the magic Flylady 15 minutes! Any arachnaphobics out there? Hope… Continue reading Crafty Tuesday – Halloween 3

Crafty Tuesday – Halloween 2

Another two fast and furious Halloween ideas for you, both of which the kids can make on their own ๐Ÿ™‚ GHOST LOLLIES Good to give out to guisers ('Trick or Treaters') who ring your doorbell. Maybe together with one of the SKELETON HANDS I posted last week? You'll need: lollipops some scraps of white cloth/paper/tissue… Continue reading Crafty Tuesday – Halloween 2

Crafty Tuesday – Halloween 1

Halloween is a fairly new tradition in Denmark but it's getting bigger (read => commercial) all the time. But my kids certainly enjoy all the spooky crafts that they do at the afterschool club and, of course, Halloween night when they go out 'guising'. Here are a couple of food ideas to get the Halloween… Continue reading Crafty Tuesday – Halloween 1