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Coaching with Diane in Denmark

Need a Routines “check-up”?

Feeling off-balance between work and home? Need to reignite your spark and tackle your goals head-on? I’m your Routines Coach, known for my strong presence on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Need a “Routines Check-Up”? I offer private, one time coaching calls for those ready to make lasting changes. This isn’t a weekly commitment – it’s a 45-minute Zoom call to kickstart your journey immediately. I’ll pinpoint concerns and provide actionable strategies. You take our discussion and run with it, implementing the changes on your terms. Let’s get you moving forward – right here, right now!

Looking for instant motivation in a group setting? Join us for a short Boost Group Session!

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NB: All sessions are conducted over Zoom. Please ensure you have read and understood the Cancellations Policy before booking.

Types of Coaching

Routines Check-Up (45-minutes): we assess your daily/weekly routines, creating a more efficient and balanced life (70 Euro)

Follow up (25-minutes): perfect for addressing specific questions or building on your insights from the Routines Check-Up call (55 Euro)

Boost Group Session (30-minutes): a one-off group call with weekly reminders, focus topics and time answering questions (20 Euro)

What my clients say…

I was nervous but you quickly made me relax and made me feel like I was talking to a friend.  I’m amazed at how you immediately could tell the type of person I am and quickly determined my problem areas and had real achievable solutions.  Booking this session was completely out of character for me.  I rarely do anything for myself and especially if it means spending money on myself.  It was so worth it!  You gave me so many things to think about. 


The session helped pinpoint roadblocks for me. You are so skilled at honing in on spots where small improvements can make all the difference. One of your suggested changes has been working brilliantly – it really is working wonders at reducing my stress levels. You really are making a difference.

J, England

Our coaching session motivated me to do something and move forward rather than sit in paralysis and overwhelm! Thank you and I’m sure I’ll be booking a follow-up session.


When you understood the things I struggled with on the spot, and went straight to the bottom of the issue, I was speechless for a few seconds! The 45-min session with you gave me more value than hours with my therapist. Now I have a clear plan that is not overwhelming me and is very motivating. Thank you for everything!

M, The Netherlands

I have been really inspired since our session.  I have set up my morning and evening routines, keeping it simple and successful. You understood my personality and offered suggestions that are absolutely “bang on”. Thanks so much for your help!

C, Canada

I have been able to implement many of your suggestions and be more productive.

C, Switzerland

Thanks so much for your strategies and suggestions. I truly feel on top of housework and personal admin due to all that I have learnt from you.

J, Australia

Just wanted to drop in and say that that lifecoaching session was so worth it and truly a blessing. To anyone out there on the fence–just do it; you won’t regret it!! I am working on applying the things we covered! God bless you.


I was amazed how much we covered and how accurate you were in pinpointing issues and suggestions. I feel as if I can move forward again, thanks.

R, England

Your coaching has been so extremely valuable. Thanks a lot! It took me some time to integrate your suggestions fully but I am super happy for the many hints and tricks.

E, Germany

Our routines have definitely been helped by the session with you.

K, Scotland

I can’t thank you enough, Diane! You are an amazing woman who I consider my valuable mentor! I’m sure I’ll be booking another coaching session in the future!”


I highly recommend this service. Diane is professional, fabulous, and fun. Just what I needed to get back on track.

B, Canada

Although counterintuitive, your advice to prioritize rest and me-time worked like a charm! I applied it right away and it was the first day in months that I wasn’t a total wreck by early afternoon. To my surprise, I was more productive and in a much better mood.

N, Greece

You identified my issues so exactly. And so quickly!”

K, Switzerland

I enjoyed speaking with you so much and found your suggestions to be spot on! They helped me get myself going again. Thanks for all your help!


I was overwhelmed at how fast and accurate you pointed out problems in my day that I hadn’t even noticed myself and was incredibly surprised at how simple yet effective all of your tips are. I have worked with a life coach before but didn’t get half as much out of the couple of hours that I spent with her than I did out of our short session. Thank you so much!

K, Germany

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these suggestions!


Everything you said makes so much sense. Mind blown!

J, Australia

Thank you for the great coaching session! I did some decluttering, made a start on my control journal and also got the family to do a pupa!

A, Denmark

I really got a lot out of our session – not just about routines but taking a bit more control with things and people in general.

N, Ireland

This is the first time I’ve come away from a session (coaching, therapy, mentoring etc) where I’ve felt I can actually do the things we’ve laid out!”


I can’t believe you could identify my issues so quickly. I feel totally motivated!

C, Scotland

Your coaching and recommendations were very helpful and positive for me. Thank you!

A, Sweden

You hit the nail on the head!

G, England

A big thank you ! I really hoped you could give me the tools to move forward and you certainly gave me food for thought. Thank you for the boost and showing me where in my mind I got stuck!

M, Belgium

I took the leap & booked a session with Diane, it was amazing!!! It was such a pleasure chatting with you, Diane, you’re so sweet & motivational.

D, Canada

It was great to meet with you… I got so much out of it and am moving through my materials!


This was literally life-changing. I´m doing less and looking out for myself more and my house is tidier than before.

J, Germany 

I still have some work to do on keeping up good habits and being consistent, but overall there have been some key things that have shocked me in their simplicity but radical change they have brought. Thank you so much for the help!


I was lucky enough to win a session fairly recently and can’t recommend Diane highly enough. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a real kick up the bahookie.

W, England

At 53 I’m realizing it’s now or never with getting my life in order!

E, Canada

I’m breathing a sigh of relief!

S. England

Book your private coaching session here (my schedule is updated daily)

Book a 1:1 Session with me if:

  • You are ready to make significant changes in your life.
  • You want to fast-track your success.
  • You have clear ideas but are struggling to achieve your goals.
  • You enjoy my free content but don’t have time to watch videos to find answers.
  • You want immediate, practical solutions, tailored to YOUR life.
  • You are tired of struggling alone.
  • Other coaching methods are not working for you.

Book a Boost Group Session with me if:

  • You are curious about the benefits of coaching.
  • You need accountability (weekly or monthly check-in).
  • You enjoy hearing questions from other group members.
  • You feel you are the only one who is stuck (Spoiler alert! You are not!)
  • You are a little shy, or not yet ready for 1:1 coaching.
  • You don’t have a specific question.
  • You enjoy the shared wisdom and support a group offers.
  • Spontaneity/flexibility is important: check in whenever you want/need.
  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You want affordable coaching.
  • You just need a quick boost to get your bahookie moving!

Book your private coaching session here (my schedule is updated daily)