Menu plan and April Fool – Thursday 31 March 2011

Our dinner plan…brought to you by Diane Denmark in conjunction with Flylady menu planning! 😀

*  Tomato soup in tall glasses and panini (yep, just a fancy name for grilled sandwiches!) on a night when it’s just me and DD9

Biksemad which is basically Danish ‘hash’: chopped onions, cubed potatoes and cubed meat, fried up and topped with a fried egg and cubed beetroot. And plenty of ketchup.  Here’s the biksemad – straight from the freezer, ready for the hot oven…

*  Chili in Breadbowls.  Got the idea from the 5$ Dinners website.  A huge hit with the whole family!  I used the breadmachine Breadbowls recipe and they turned out terrific – see the photo below.  But I made my own shortcut Chili which is basically minced beef, a jar of spicy tomato sauce and kidney beans. A little tip: if your kids are like mine – and aren’t mad about the beans – then mash or blend the beans before you add them to the minced beef.  That way, you’ll still get the authentic chili taste and nutrients… ;D

Yummy breadbowls!

The finished article – DS11 ate two… ;D

*  I’ll refrigerate the leftover Chili and put it in tortillas a couple of days later to make Enchiladas.  And serve with spinach salad.

*  ‘Use up what’s lingering at the back of your fridge’ Quiche – the recipe ishere but I just whisk things together – no need to get your blender all messy! Our quiche will contain red pepper, spinach and cheddar.

*  We’re hopefully barbecuing on Saturday (cross your fingers!) and will be having teriyaki chops, sausages, baby potatoes, tomato salad and Overnight Salad (I reposted the recipe for this on Tuesday).

And don’t forget that it’s the 1st of April tomorrow!  I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I won’t be repeating what I did to the kids a couple of years ago – adding a few drops of blue food colouring to the milk carton…  They were certainly surprised when they poured milk into their glasses and onto their cereal.  But then they couldn’t face eating it afterwards.  Oops!  ;D

 Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂