Crafty Tuesday – Nifty Noticeboard

Crafty Tuesday is here and it’s time to set our trusty Flylady timers and whizz through an easy peasy craft that won’t take more than…15 minutes! ;D

For a nifty noticeboard you’ll need:

  • an old picture canvas (we have lots for recycling because I used to paint a lot of pics)
  • some wadding
  • a remnant of fabric
  • ribbon
  • a basic staple gun (if you don’t already own one, I can highly recommend them- great for lots of d-i-y jobs!)

Cut out wadding so it just covers the frame.

Cut out the fabric so that there is a good overlap all round and place on top of the frame and the wadding.

Turn over and – here comes the fun part – go mad with your staple gun! 🙂 You’ll get the neatest finish if you staple each corner first. Pull the fabric tight and boom, boom, boom! Then work your way around the whole canvas.

When you’re finished stapling all the way round it will look a bit like this. Cut off the excess fabric if you absolutely must… But it’s good to go with the flow, chill out and just leave it. Because no-one is going to see it, okay? ;P

Now we’re ready to attach the ribbon. Cut out long lengths and staple them on. We did ours diagonally but the choice is up to you.

Just make to attach the ribbons securely so they stay put!

Then repeat the ribbons so you end up with a criss-cross. […is gonna make you, jump, jump!]

Timer is about to beep, keep going, yep, you are done! Voilà – the finished product 🙂

DD7 made one for her bedroom. (She chose the fabric and ribbon from the rummage box, cut out everything herself, but I did the stapling this time.)

“Mummy, it’s so soft, it could be a pillow!” 😉

And no prizes for guessing what was the first thing to be displayed. Yep, a waggy-tailed friend…. ;D

Hope you enjoyed today’s craft. Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂