Ash or No Ash, Lots of Ice!

Our Swedish friend has been and gone (on to Luxembourg by train). Seeyesterday’s post for an explanation… Volcanic ash continues to cause chaos over the skies of Europe and Copenhagen airport is still closed for the foreseeable future. Which means that DH has had to bite the bullet and reserve a train seat for tomorrow afternoon. He has a court case on Monday on the Danish mainland (we live in Copenhagen, on the island) and there’s little to no chance of him getting there by plane as he usually does. Incredible that a volcano thousands of miles away in Iceland (which, as it happens, formerly belonged to the Danes) can affect us here!

But in times of crisis we cling to our Flylady routines, right? 😉 It’s 5pm here in Wonderful Copenhagen…time to start our Saturday tradition. Ash or no ash! 😉

You start with a nice glass. Crystal is good. Nice thin lip. It just doesn’t taste the same in a normal glass, believe me 😉

Add ice. Lots of it. Be generous. This isn’t just so we’re really chillin’. We need to get the acoustics right! Do you love that ‘ching ching’ too? 😉

One part gin. Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray are our staples.

Three to four parts tonic, (depending on how long you want the night to last).

And then it’s ‘bottoms up’. And maybe a toast for plane plain sailing? 😉

Hope you have a simply super Saturday! 🙂

Every (ash) cloud has a silver lining…

Today is the 70th birthday of the Danish Queen. Her name is Margrethe. From the French, marguérite, so her nickname is ‘Daisy’! There’s been non-stop TV coverage of the event all day. It actually started yesterday evening… We skipped school today and joined a crowd of thousands to watch the Queen waving from the balcony at Amalienborg (the Royal Palace in the town centre). Here we are en route at 11.30am…beginning to realise that we’re not the only ones with the same idea 😉  [found out later there were 50,000 of us]

Once we got into a sidestreet by the palace, we couldn’t move forwards or backwards but were finally rewarded with a good view of Daisy (wearing a bright blue outfit and matching hat) in her carriage drawn by white horses. Here she is…you’ll need your magnifying glass, she’s at the very edge, lefthand side, the blue speck 😉

Well at least I got a better photo of Marmor Kirken (the Marble Church). Are you begining to remember the colours of the Danish flag now? 😉

The only event that threatened to push Daisy off the news throne today is the volcanic ash from Iceland which has stopped all flights over Europe. Copenhagen airport closed down Thursday afternoon and there won’t be any movement til Saturday morning at the earliest. But every (ash) cloud has a silver lining! Our good friend ‘U’ is coming to stay with us tonight. His flight from Stockholm to Luxembourg was cancelled, so he’s making the journey by bus/train and taxi. And making a pit stop in Copenhagen 🙂

Thanks to Flylady we’re ‘company ready’. Guestbedroom is ready for him, house is shipshape and bristol fashion, bathrooms are swished (and swiped), dinner is replanned and already prepped. Hey, I even had the presence of mind to buy an extra bottle of whisky and DS10 baked a double batch of brownies. With Danish and Swedish flags in… 😉

Hope you all have a cosy Friday night with no int-eruptions! 🙂