Just an old-fashioned girl?

It’s Kristi Himmel Fart (yes – I know – I said it again!) or Danish Ascension Day holiday. DH’s sweetie family (brother and sister-in-law) are here for dinner and will be staying the night, so it’s (cosy) business as usual! 🙂

The kids and I prepped dinner this afternoon and I suddenly felt really ‘grown up’. Why? Because I used two of the crystal bowls we got as wedding presents. Don’t ask me to explain… Maybe it’s because my Mum always used her ‘best’ bowls when we had company?

Here’s what I used them for. Overnight salad to go with roast lamb.

and Danish Fruit Salad…

And they both went down a treat…just like the starter of smoked salmon on hot potato with dill dressing and prawns.

Hope you have a fantastic ‘Kristi Himmel Fart’ Friday! 🙂