Pamper Monday – Bite me!

Copenhagen, Monday morning, 8am. I've just delivered the kids to school and I'm unlocking my bike and putting on my cycle helmet. I'm already saying to myself 'in an hour it'll all be over and done with'. The 'it' in question being my dentist appointment. If you don't know what the word 'dentist' does to me, go… Continue reading Pamper Monday – Bite me!

Wonderful Wednesday

All in all it's been a wonderful Wednesday. Not because I followed up my (dreaded) visit to the dentist (he of 'beer in the waitingroom' fame - see my Fangs for the Memory post) with a (free) facial from Origins. Though 'free' isn't probably the right word...the hour one session (which included facial massage, peeling, scrub, masque, tonic, serum, lotion, 'Peace… Continue reading Wonderful Wednesday