Danish Weddings (Part Six)

 So far, so good!  We got hitched, started the party off with lots of kissingby all and sundry, enjoyed lashings of good food and wine, have heard a lot of speeches, joined in the sing-a-longand cut the toes off the groom's socks.We're nearing the end...  Anyone for a piece of kransekage (Danish wedding cake)?Now, I may… Continue reading Danish Weddings (Part Six)

Danish Weddings (Part Four)

Okay, so we got hitched, started the party off with lots of kissingby all and sundry and have heard a lot of speeches.What's next?  Time to dance?  Nope!  The serving staff are handing round papers and ourhardworking Toastmasterhas announced the first sing-a-long!  Now this is the part of the wedding celebrations when the grannies, aunties, sisters, mums and mother-in-laws are totally… Continue reading Danish Weddings (Part Four)

Danish Weddings (Part Three)

 In Danish Weddings (Part One) we got hitched.  In Part Two, we started the party, with lots of kissingby all and sundry!So, now, we're busily tucking into our food.  Which, if it's like 95% of the numerous Danish weddings I've been to, will be: a seafood or fish starter, beef or veal for the main course and… Continue reading Danish Weddings (Part Three)

Danish Weddings (Part Two)

So, in Danish Weddings (Part One), I told you about the Danish marriage ceremony.Now that we've said "Ja!" (Yes!) to each other and are officially married, what next?  Well, let's get the party started, selvfølgelig! :)Danish weddings involve lots and lots (and lots) of kissing.  You'll need to keep your wits about you!Keep your ears open:Ching,… Continue reading Danish Weddings (Part Two)

Danish Weddings (Part One)

Yay, it's wedding season!  🙂  As my regular readers will know, I'm constantly amused and amazed by the quirky traditions of those crazy Danes.  From hitting barrels with baseball bats to sending secret snowdrop letters, tradesmen removing their shoes and marcipan pigs...  And Danish weddings are no exception - hooray!Now, unfortunately, statistics say that over 40% of Danish marriages are… Continue reading Danish Weddings (Part One)