WhoMadeWho. Who? Here we go again!

After two years of (not so) patient waiting, WhoMadeWho finally have a new album out – “Dreams”.  Hooray!  Okay, okay, so I admit that after the first couple of listens, I’m not nearly as enthusiastic as I was about their previous albums.  “Dreams” is low key, slow paced and grown-up.  But it’s received rave (rave, rave…) reviews right across the board, both in Denmark and abroad – so it will no doubt grow on me.  Even they admit that this is one to be listened to at home or through headphones.  But – hooray, hooray – promise us that there will still be a party (with a capital P) when they play live! And I have tickets to see them next month, woop, woop! 😀

So what are WhoMadeWho like live?  Phenomenal!  Read on, Macduff…

[First published 18 April 2012]

It’s Wednesday morning and I still have music ringing in my ears from Saturday night.  You see, I was finally able to see WhoMadeWho live. (A Danish band I’ve loved for a couple of years and mentioned on the blog before.)

Two thirds of WhoMadeWho


What started out as a concert – at my favourite venue Vega – turned into a party.  And then into a toga party! :o )

WhoMadeWho – it’s all Greek to me…


So just like one of their tracks, I’m still high and “two feet off ground”.  ’Cos those lovely Danish boys seem to have split personalities.  In the studio, they make very polished albums.  Not to mention appearing in very (very) polished videos.  Like this one made for them by ‘Good Boy! Creative‘ which has been nominated for – and won – several awards around the globe…

WhoMadeWho – Keep Me in My Plane

But on stage?  They’re wild.  Wild with a capital W.  With a strobe and light show that should carry health warning signs…  So I’m still hopping.  Turn your speakers up to 11 and feel free to hop along…  (In this teaser video, you’ll get a short clip of their legendary cover of Ben Benassi’s “Satisaction”.  On Saturday night it lasted about 10 minutes.  Ha!  Fan-flippin-tastic!)

WhoMadeWho – Trailer from Roskilde Festival 2011

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

Diane [First posted 18 April 2012 ]