Wedding Bells and Guitars

It's our Danish Copper Wedding today...12 and a ½ years of wedded bliss! For the non-mathematicians amongst you, that means we got married on 11 April 1998. (If you'd like a - sort of - explanation of this quaint Danish tradition...I already wrote one for you, it's here.) Instead of celebrating the traditional way - a formal dinner… Continue reading Wedding Bells and Guitars

Hey Mr DJ! – Part One

DH and I have started the detailed planning for our Copper Anniversary in October. How many years have we been hitched? Em, that would be twelve and a half... For those not familiar with this quaint Danish custom of celebrating wedding anniversaries 12 years and 6 months after the fact, it's all explained in a… Continue reading Hey Mr DJ! – Part One

Those Crazy Danes – Part 4 (Copper Wedding)

My (darling) sister-in-law asked me yesterday for the date of our Copper Wedding because she wanted to keep her calendar free for the big celebrations we should (she inferred) be planning. So how long have DH and I been married if we are going to celebrate our Copper Anniversary? Well, if you google it, you could choose… Continue reading Those Crazy Danes – Part 4 (Copper Wedding)