Don’t quote me on that… (wellies)

“I’d never be seen dead walking around town in a pair of wellies.”

But today I was forced to eat my words (whilst drying my shoes, which got soaked on the schoolrun this morning…the ‘turn-them-upside-down-and-water-runs-out’ kind of soaked) and cave in to Danish peer pressure and buy a pair of ‘high top’ wellington boots.

You see, wellingtons are High Fashion in Copenhagen. Not for working in your garden.  Or down on the farm.  But for parading around Strøget (the pedestrian ‘High Street’).  Indeed, no self-respecting pram-pushing 30-something mother would wear anything else.  Even on those rare days when it isn’t raining. 

Oh well.  At least I managed to avoid the ‘Hunter’ brand (which 8 out of 10 girls in my daughter’s class prefer…) and found a name which is more ‘pseudo-me’… ;D

And rest assured, dear readers, I won’t be wearing them like the girl I saw not 10 minutes ago. She was wearing them as the current Danish ‘trend’ dictates (and I use that word in the loosest possible sense) – with bare legs, long socks and…shorts! 😛

Apologies for the grainy photo, but I didn’t want to get

too hot on her (wellie) heels – boom boom!

 Hope you have a marvelous Monday! And hooray for dry tootsies! 🙂