Menu planning Thursday – 8 October 2009 + recipe Porridge Pancakes

We’re soon off to Scotland to see my Mum and Dad (yippee) so just a half-week of planning. And then an easy peasy recipe for my Porridge Pancakes.


  • Didn’t use chicken last night (plans changed) so using it today for Baked Teriyaki Chicken. Doubling the sauce, because I <3 sauce! Serving with sugarsnap peas and egg noodles.


  • Making Crockpot Lasagne. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to using an oven for lasagne again! Just put together in the morning and let cook all day – doesn’t burn! ūüėČ Krista gave me the idea for using the crock. I adapt her recipe slightly and use what I have on hand. And if I want to make it super simple, I just fry the mince and add a jar of Dolmio tomato sauce ūüėČ Her recipe is here. Just scroll down the page. She even has some dinky menu cards, so just hit ‘print’ and run off to your kitchen!


  • My (sweetie) DBIL is coming to look after the DKs tonight. DH and I (and some friends) are dining out at a special event… A chef from San Francisco is in Copenhagen and doing some special dinners, profits to the Red Cross. You can read all about it at


  • Leftovers of the Crockpot Lasagne and all the salad/veggies we can eat…because we need to clean out the fridge before we leave for Scotland. DH is staying at home, but as he hasn’t been in a kitchen for over 10 years, I’m not expecting him to suddenly go wild and get his apron on ūüėČ


Have been tinkering with various recipes for a healthy pancake for the cold, winter mornings. And as I’m the shortcut Queen, I wanted something that involves no effort and items that I always have on hand. Had them for breakfast this morning and the DKs gave them thumbs up:

You’ll need:

  • 2 cups (1pint) porridge oats
  • 1-2 cups flour (wholemeal, rye, plain white…whatever you have)
  • 1 cup (¬Ĺ pint) pur√©ed apple/applesauce from a jar
  • about 1 cup (¬Ĺpint) milk (we still drink cow’s…gasp!)
  • 2 eggs

Take your shower and get dressed to shoes. Dump the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Finish drying your hair and put on your makeup.

Put your frying pan on to heat up – I have a non-stick one from Ikea. No fat required. Mix your mixture thoroughly, add a bit more milk if necessary, and drop spoonfuls into the pan. I managed to get five little ones in there at a time. Make sure the fryingpan isn’t too hot, because they brown very quickly. Flip over when bubbles appear on the surface. Serve with your favourite toppings (we used sugar/maple syrup/jam), prepare for adulation and bon app√©tit! ūüėČ