I heart Danish comfort food! (Part Two)

Today I wrote another post about that wonderful Danish dish, Forloren Hare. (A dish which has been made and enjoyed by my sweetie, bloggy friend Candace!) You can see the post at my blog desk over at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs...  http://blogs.denmark.dk/diane/2010/12/10/i-heart-danish-comfort-food-part-two/ Hope you have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Foodie Friday – Going Imperial

My Friday posts are normally about things that I love, love, love. Though I suppose you could argue that the rest of the days on this blog are like that too! 😉 Anyway, today is no exception. Though this post is actually a rehash of previous posts... My sweetie tweetie twister friends Nikki (@NikkiStarr of Flylady… Continue reading Foodie Friday – Going Imperial

Danish Meatloaf ‘Forloren Hare’ (Mock Hare)

Today I'm making Forloren Hare for dinner. I'm actually making two - one for tonight and one to put in the freezer for later. I never ate meatloaf until I came to Denmark in 1998 - it's not something that we ever ate in our family in Scotland. But I can't get enough of it… Continue reading Danish Meatloaf ‘Forloren Hare’ (Mock Hare)