Duck(lings) in a row

Tiny white snowdrops and yellow erantis are popping their little heads up all over our garden and the bird feeders are beseiged morning, noon and night.  All we need now (pretty please?) are a few more degrees on the thermometer!

Last spring I came home from a morning run to find a duck in our garden.  A big mummy duck.  With 10 baby ducklings in tow…  What to do?  They couldn’t fly and would be prey to all the neighbourhood cats.  As we live in a village with quite a bit of traffic, I didn’t really want to open our gate and let the poor wee mites cross busy roads all on their own! ;D  The animal rescue people suggested we put the mum and her babies in a cardboard box and drive them to a local park.  So we put some water in a mini-paddling pool – with the sides down, so the little ‘uns could climb straight in – and let them splash around.  And went off in search of a suitably large box.  Came back a few hours later to find that our little web-footed family had gone!  I wonder how many of these wee ducklings survived?

Hope you have a marvelous Monday full of the joys of spring! 🙂