Ricecookers Rock (Around the Croque)

This post is for my sweetie friends Heidi (proud owner of a new ricecooker) and Sassy Jen (for challenging me)! ūüôā

I love my ricecooker! Why? Mmm, how many reasons would you like..? Go look at my previous post Scrambled Saturday if you want a run down of what these dinky machines can do to make your life easier… Sassy Jen commented that it was possible to make a grilled cheese sandwich (toastie, as we say in the UK, croque monsieur, as they say in France) in a ricecooker. So I had just had to test that theory, didn’t I? ūüėČ

Switch on your ricecooker, open the lid and make your sandwich while the pot heats up.

Take two slices of bread and pop in your filling (I did a classic ham and cheese). Butter the outside of the sandwich. Place in the ricecooker pot and – important part here – leave the lid open! Unless, of course, you want a soggy sarnie? ūüėČ

Set your (Flylady) timer for 5 minutes and go declutter a kitchen drawer or wipe down one shelf of your fridge… When the 5 minutes is over, flip the sandwich over. Set your timer for another 5 minutes and go clean the next shelf of that fridge! ūüôā

When the timer says ‘ding’ it’s luuuuuuunchtime! ūüôā Bon app√©tit! I have to say that it was delish, right down to the last buttery crumb…

Hope you have a simply (effortless) super Saturday! ūüôā