Name change

I came home from the schoolrun yesterday and, as part of my Flylady morning routine, I took a basket of washing down to the cellar.  You can imagine my surprise when I spied – sitting on the second step down – DD9’s hamster “Sparkle”!

She sat there, quite the thing, with her little paws up, as if to say, “Oh, don’t mind me…I’m just out for a wander!”

We have no idea when she managed to escape from her cage.  Probably during the night.  But she climbed up through a tiny hole in the top of her cage, jumped down from the garden room table (onto tiled flooring…ouch!), wandered through the living room and out into the hall.  Before jumping down the basement stairs.  Not bad for a little baby girl who only measures 5cm from nose to tail! ;D

She’s now safely back home (under lock and key) and thankfully looks no worse for wear after her great adventure.  But we’re thinking of giving her ‘Houdini’ as a middle name…

Here she is in action, climbing the bars – again!

Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂