Those (Not So) Crazy Danes – Money, money, money

I had some great comments on yesterday’s ‘Tee-hee Tuesday’ post – Women Drivers. Thanks, Elisa, JoAnn and Sam! 🙂

Two of them were about drive-through banks. Which got me thinking…and gave me inspiration for today’s post. Here in teeny tiny Denmark we don’t have drive-through banks. We don’t have drive-through anything. Unless you count Macdonalds, but we’ve already mentioned them and their (teeny tiny European) drinks in another post [my goodness, have I really written so many posts..?!] called Food (Inc.) for thought. But, as usual, I’m already digressing! 😉

I was wondering why we didn’t have drive-through banks. We still have a few banks in our ‘village’ but lots of local branches are closing down. And then it hit me. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was in my bank! I’m thinking it must have been last June – 2009 – when I was in getting some Euros for our summer holidays in France. You see, almost all Danish banking is done over the internet. Our bills are set up and paid over the internet. Bank statements are sent to our electronic postbox. And on the rare occasion you do have documents for the bank, just pop them in a special envelope – provided by your bank – and send them by post. The bank even pays the postage…

The last time I had a chequebook was when I worked in Luxembourg in the 1990s. People in Denmark don’t use cheques anymore. So I have no Danish cheque book. Goodness, what would Miss Dorothy think?!

Enough of the Gotham National Bank and back to Denmark and Danish money… Not that I ever carry very much of it around to be honest. Everybody uses Dankort to pay for things – a type of debit card. Shopkeepers don’t blink an eye if customers use it when paying small amounts such as 20 Kroner, about £2.20 or $3. The largest coin is 20 Kroner and the smallest coin is 50 øre, about 5 pence or 8 cents. And now a word of warning. Prices in Denmark are often marked as 9,95 Kroner. But we no longer have coins that small… So if the sign says 19,95 Kroner and you hand over 20 Kroner, please, don’t stand there waiting for your change! [Been there, done that, got the pink embarrassed cheeks.] However, if you pay with your card – electronically – you will be charged exactly 19,95… Go figure! 😉

Lastly, please don’t worry if you don’t manage to spend all your Danish currency when you’re here on holiday. I know the banks back home won’t take your coins, they’ll only change banknotes. But just lookey here, see what you can make – Danish jewellry! 😉

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂