Daily Denmark – (Quirky) House and Gardens

One of the great things about cycling around these parts is the chance to spot some strange houses that you normally miss when you’re whizzing by in a car. I’ve often noticed this particular house but never before got up close enough (or slowed down enough) to have a decent look. From the side, you can see that it’s an artist’s atelier. Fantastic, huge windows, three floors high.

From the front of the house, it’s more like a little church. Or perhaps the perfect setting for a gothic horror film? Thank goodness I cycled by at 8.30am – a bright summer Copenhagen morning – or else I would have had a serious case of the heebie jeebies! 😉

After a spot of intensive googling I managed to find out that this was the former home of Axel Poulsen, a Danish sculptor. (There are lots of fantastic pictures taken inside the house and garden in this photo archive.) He died in 1971 but the new owners of the house have kept a lot of things as they were…including the statue on the front pavement. Clutching each other, shying away from the bemused glances of passers-by? 🙂

When I got back home (puff, puff, pant, pant) I remembered that our own house (built in 1933) has some pretty quirky exterior details of its own. Sadly our gargoyle doesn’t spit out water anymore – hmmm, maybe a future project? 😉

I l-o-v-e this giant cactus-shaped planter. It weighs a ton, so we only move it around every couple of years… It was probably purchased when the original garden was landscaped.

And – the absolute favourite of every child who comes to our house – this little (copper-plated) door at shoulder height in the side wall of the house. Complete with ornate knocker and the name of the original owner of the house.From the days when milk and bread were delivered on a daily basis, probably back in the 1930s. These days the door is boarded up and there’s actually a wall behind it. But we’ll never get rid of the little copper door. We like quirky! 😉

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂

Feel Good Friday – Summertime!

I’m now looking for places to work in the garden where it’s shady – as opposed to full sun. Which means that summertime has finally made it to Denmark! 😉

Getting ready for school in the morning seems so much easier…only sandals, shorts and a t-shirt. Though socks and a cardigan/hoodie are in the schoolbags too, because the weather here can change quicker than you can (attempt to) say rødgrød med fløde.

I did my weekly stint of ‘lawnmothering’ yesterday (I think the lawn is the Flylady ‘shiny sink’ of the garden) and this morning I put a cherry on top of the cake by trimming all the borders and zapping weeds on the paths. So I’m looking forward to just relaxing this weekend and watching the fruits of my labours…

According to the weather forecast, it’s going to be a great weekend. Good job, because it’s Father’s Day and Danish Constitution Day tomorrow, Saturday (when, once again, the shops will be closed). The kids will be running around in the garden for hours so it’s finally time to get the paddling pool up and running 🙂

It’s already taken 40 minutes (and still counting) to fill it. I’m hoping the water will have warmed up slightly before the kids get home from school. So far the temperatures are:

Air: 21c – 70f

Water: knee-knocking chilly

And the final verdict when the kids got home today? “Yeah! Thanks Mum!”

Have a fantastic feel-good Friday! 🙂

Feel Good Friday – Time for Bed

Before I started on my Flylady journey, I never wanted to go to bed. After a long day with the wee ones I felt like I deserved some ‘me’ time at the end of the day. “I want to stay up late and watch rubbish television, eat crips (or chocolates, preferably both!) and go to bed when I feel like it!” Our bedroom was one of the worst places in the house.

These days I love going to bed – and the earlier the better! 😉 These days my wardrobe is (a little…) easier to navigate. These days there’s nothing (yep, nada) under the bed! These days there’s no bedside clutter. At least, not so much. Now you see it…

Now you don’t! (Our bed/headboard/rolling shelves are from those clever people at IkeaMalm series)

Our (Renate Slinga) duvet cover is from Ikea too (the only place we buy bedding) and – when the sun shines in – it looks fan-flippin-tastic…

Just the spot for a quick pamper with my little pink pamper basket 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday evening wherever you are – I won’t wait up! 😉