Tee-hee Tuesday – Women Drivers?

Today on ‘tee-hee’ Tuesday I want to share one of my favourite jokes. Now – before you all get on your high horses – I know I shouldn’t make fun of my fellow women drivers… After all, I’ve had a driving licence since I was 18 and got my first car at 22…twenty years ago! I was just a slip of a girl, working in Luxembourg at the time. And in the Grand Duchy it was all the rage to have your date of birth (backwards, bien sûr) as your number plate. Not so sure I would want to advertise how old I am these days! 😉

Anno 1995

Nevertheless this joke gives me a good ‘tee-hee’ every time. For me, it’s all in the punchline…



For men:

1.Drive up to the hatch


3.Drive on

For women:

1.Drive up to the hatch

2.Reverse back to the hatch

3.Drive slightly forward again

4.Open glove compartment

5.Find purse

6.Take out Visa card

7.Roll down the window

8.Drive forwards and backwards to get close enough to the hatch

9.Insert Visa card into the machine

10.Turn over the Visa card

11.Turn over the Visa card again

12.Press to validate

13.Remove Visa card

14.Request a receipt

15.Crawl over to the right side of the car, climb out and pick up Visa card from the ground

16.Crawl in again

17.Replace Visa card in purse

18.Replace purse in glove compartment

19.Roll up window

20.Roll window down

21.Remove receipt

22.Roll window up

23.Start car

24.Drive away

25.Start car again


27.Five kilometres later release the handbrake.

Anno 2010

Have a terrific ‘tee-hee’ Tuesday! 🙂