Pancakes Galore – Shrove Tuesday

Today's Shrove Tuesday (if you don't know what that is, wikipedia has all the background).  When I was a child, Shrove Tuesday meant that we got pancakes for tea.  Guess what my kids are getting for dessert tonight? I'll be using my granny's (frugal with a capital F...) pancake recipe.  A recipe which I've been using for… Continue reading Pancakes Galore – Shrove Tuesday

Fan-flippin-tastic – Granny’s Pancakes

If you've been reading my posts regularly, you'll know that I've been extending my breakfast repertoire. I've been setting the alarm clock (well, the 'harp' on my iPhone) to wake me 10 minutes earlier than usual and wowing the kids with a more exciting brekkie. Here's my (dearly departed) Granny's pancake recipe. I must have… Continue reading Fan-flippin-tastic – Granny’s Pancakes