When Friday night is school night!

As I said in Wednesday’s post, Vote, vote? Yes, yes!, we’re having a heatwave here in Copenhagen at the moment.  25 degrees yesterday…phew!  My DS14 (dear son, aged 14) took the plunge and finally joined me for a swim – even though the Danish sea water is still very much dragging its late spring/early summer feet temperature wise! 😛

Tonight DS14 and I are off partying!  Where is it all happening?  At school!  Yep, as I’ve mentioned before, socialising is a big part of Danish school culture, especially in the lower grades.  Big or small events, free or paid, basically everything and anything goes…

Family sledging in the snow, Sunday picnics in the park, once-a-month-dinner club (kids take it in turns to host), Olympic Games, breakfast in the classroom and selvfølgelig we mustn’t forget our infamous parent parties that last until 3 am in the morning!  One of the most hyggelig (cosy) events is when we book the Home Economics classroom and the kids set the tables/run a bar/prepare dinner for parents and siblings.  Great teamwork! 🙂

Yep, we are actively encouraged by the school to socialise.  But why?  A strong bond – not least between the parents – gives a safe and healthy network.  Cuts down on bullying.  Eliminates trivial problems.  Stops small issues from escalating into full blown dramas.  Much easier to pick up the phone and call another parent when you’ve enjoyed a gin and tonic together in the wee small hours of the morning.  Or shaked your booty together to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”! 😉

So what are we in for tonight?  It’s a child/parent party.  In one room there’s a professional DJ for the kids.  In the next, music and welcome drinks for the parents. The Party Committee is stocking up on extra gin, given the (copious) amount we went through last time. 😛

At ‘half time’ there will be pizza, pizza, pizza – and more pizza – followed by dessert for all…

And on the turntable?   Hmm, what about a bit of Julias Moon?  A young band – complete with video featuring a roller disco!  Ha ha – takes me back to my own days of youth club discos…

No teenage party is complete without the song D.A.U.D.A. by Silvas.  Really (really) annoying at first, but gets right in to your head.  It has become, what they call in Danish, en landeplage…the ‘scourge of the country’!

And, of course, on the dancefloor we’ll all be battling to be The Greatest Dancer.  I leave you with the Danish Grand Master – my fave, fave, fave Marvelous Mosell! 

Time to look out those roller skates.  Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Diane 🙂


Oh what, wow, he's the greatest dancer! Marvelous!

It’s Friday!  Which means I’m in the mood for dancing!  [And ‘romancing’ – anyone else remember the Nolan Sisters?]

And nothing hits the spot like a bit of Marvelous Mosell…  Remember him?  (See Friday Fun – It’s Marvelous! Mosell!)  The Danish rapper who mixes his own ‘fly’ lyrics with classic tunes.  All topped off with crazy videos!   And – for those of you learning Danish – there are usually subtitles. 

Here he is – with a bit of help from Chic and Sister Sledge – with a tale of his exploits as Den Bedste Dancer (the greatest dancer)…


 “Der var både bajere og hash,

men jeg sagde: Stik mig bare en

kærnemælk i et snavset glas

med et sugerør i

og gør det i en fart, for jeg er sørme tørstig!”

“There was beer and hash

but I said: Give me some

buttermilk in a dirty glass

with a straw, and do it nifty

‘cos I’m really thirsty” 😉


So, anyone for the slosh?

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Diane 🙂