Ricecookers Rock (Around the Croque)

This post is for my sweetie friends Heidi (proud owner of a new ricecooker) and Sassy Jen (for challenging me)! 🙂 I love my ricecooker! Why? Mmm, how many reasons would you like..? Go look at my previous post Scrambled Saturday if you want a run down of what these dinky machines can do to make your life easier... Sassy Jen commented… Continue reading Ricecookers Rock (Around the Croque)

Scrambled Saturday

Now, you all know how much I l.o.v.e my kitchen appliances. You met my new breadmachine yesterday, didn't you? Missus Smarty Pants, the style diva, is always talking about Cost Per Wear. Getting your money's worth out of your clothes. Well today I'm going to show you how to get your money's worth from your ricecooker. Of… Continue reading Scrambled Saturday