Monsieur Potato Head

Potage Parmentier. A French soup. Which sounds pretty exotic until you find out that Monsieur Antoine Augustin Parmentier was the name of the man who introduced potatoes to the French. Potage Parmentier. Potato soup.

Here’s my fallback potato recipe when we’ve guests coming for dinner, it’s cold outside or I need comfort food. Gratin dauphinois. Which is also French, bien sûr 😉 An exotic name but not a boring dish, trust me. Takes 5 minutes to put together and tastes très, très bon. This is my own (you know what’s coming, don’t you?) shortcut version.

You’ll need:

  • packet of frozen sliced raw potatoes (sure, you can go ahead and slice your own tatties if you want to)
  • pouring cream
  • chicken stock (I use Knorr cubes) or water
  • herbs, seasonings, salt n’pepper

Fill up your ovenproof dish with the frozen, raw potato slices. I sprinkled over garlic, chili flakes, dried parsley, a bit of paprika, Maldon sea salt and lemon pepper. Because I like those things! 🙂 Use what you’ve got.

Pour over some chicken stock (or water) until it comes halfway up the sides of the dish.

Then fill up with cream.

Lots of it, don’t be shy now…

Pop into the oven – 400f or 200c – for roughly 45 mins. Stir from time to time if you like.

Will come out all golden and yummy 🙂 We had it for dinner last night with baked ham and carrots.

For best results add cornichons (baby gherkins) and vin rouge

Bon appétit!

Hope you have a simply super Saturday! 🙂