High Five Meme

My nice (and very blog-savvy) friend Pippa at http://www.amothersramblings.com/ has ‘tagged’ me with a ‘High Five Meme”. Thank you, Pippa! 🙂 Pippa’s name will be very familiar to regular readers…we were Christmas planning partners-in-crime! Aside being an excellent blogger, she is also a great tweeter. I only surround myself with positive people and she is definitely right-up-there in that category. You can find her on twitter at www.twitter.com/pippad or by following @pippad  🙂

I’m still very new (read: naive) at this blogging lark. Just keeping my head down and working on posting every day (which I have – hooray!) since I started on 1 August 2009. Don’t know the first thing about headers, HTML or how to add ‘buttons’. I’m just enjoying the writing process, using my blog as a Happy File and a diary, a way to keep me focused on Flylady routines and force myself to take time for crafts. So I’m not quite au fait with tags etc, etc but – as usual – I digress! 🙂

I’m about to list my five highlights of the old year. Which has caused a lot of hard thought because I honestly have so many of them. No kidding.

But before that, here are the five people I, in turn, would like to ‘tag’ – and hope that they will share their highlights. I present to you my lovely…. Twisters …twitter sisters!

And here are my personal highlights of 2009 out of all those worthy nominees:

  • I’ve run two 5k races this year. Nobody saw that coming. I truly feel like a NEWO rockstar. Me, the person who isn’t sporty. At. All.
  • This is going to sound really daft but, just before Christmas, I got the chance to speak LIVE to my twisters Candace (@C_Joy), Lynn (@lynnnein) and Monika (@flybabymoni). It was 1.30 pm Copenhagen time and 6.30 am for them. We sang a song Candace had written for the Flylady on my radio programme. A magical 15 minutes for me and, yes, I even had a ‘Mum tear’! 😉 It was my best Christmas present.

  • Christmas – you probably realise from all the blog posts that I can’t get enough of Christmas planning, but this year the journey AND the destination were fantastic. If you don’t believe me, go back and read any of my posts from 20 to 31 December.  
  • The Stranglers concert, last January. A perfect evening, felt like I was 16 again. Goosebumps at their pre-stage anthem (“Meninblack”) and they played my favourites “Tank” and “5 minutes”. I could still sing all the words, even that funny bit at the end of “Nuclear Device” – go me! It also made my Top 10 Gigs post. And I got the set list 😉

  • Writing the blog. Which has taken me very much by surprise. It’s opened up a whole new world for me and – strangely enough – has given me my old spark back. Go figure!

Now go and have a happy Friday! 🙂