Scaredy Cat Challenge – Spring in my Step 2

Dear regular readers

Oops – somehow I forgot to post this!  I wrote it a few weeks ago but it got lost in the run up to our trip to New York…  I’m still working on this particular challenge, so the next update will be coming very soon 🙂

New shoes…from New York! 🙂

 * * * * *

Time for an update on my latest Scaredy Cat Challenge…getting my (less than perfect) feet sorted out!

It’s a three part challenge:

1) I’ve been for my second visit to the skin specialist to get those pesky verucas frozen off (okay, that’s probably ‘too much information’ but you need the ‘warts ‘n all’ version – boom boom!).  My feet are looking much better already.  She’ll do the biopsy on the mysterious mole on my next visit.

2) I went into town yesterday (yes, yes, you guessed – it was Anti-Procrastination Wednesday in Flylady land!) and had my feet checked at the orthopedic shoestore.  Very simple.  Take off your shoes and socks, stand on a large photocopier (on floor level…) and the computer spits out a coloured print showing exactly where you’re putting the most pressure.  Not the prettiest picture I’ve ever had taken of myself  ;D

The foot man said the bones at the front of my feet had worn away due to too much strain.  Probably due to the 20 kilos (44 pounds) I put on when I was pregnant?  My normal, current weight is 52 kilos (114 pounds).  And running three times a week has probably made things worse.

Just back from a run…with a red nose but lipstick intact! ;D

He’s making me a pair of insoles that I can use in different shoes (boots, pumps, sandals) as well as my running shoes.  They’ll be ready next Wednesday and my little private health insurance policy will cover roughly one third of the cost.  Hallelujah!

He said that, given the current condition of my feet – without insoles – I’d soon start getting very sore feet.  And ultimately a sore back.  Yikes!  So glad I went ahead and got it sorted…  And the whole thing only took…5 minutes!

We also got DD8’s feet ‘photocopied’ because she walks on the inside of her feet.  He recommended that she practice dancing on her tiptoes to her favourite music for about 5 minutes a day in order to strengthen the muscles.  He’ll check her again after the summer.

3)  The third part of this ‘Holy Trinity of the Blessed Feet’ was to arrange regular visits to a chiropodist.  So that’s my next task…

Hope you’ve embarked on your own Scaredy Cat Challenges?  Let’s hold hands and be scared together!

Have a marvelous Monday! 🙂

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Scaredy Cat Challenge – Spring in my Step

Time for a new Scaredy Cat Challenge.  Time to put the spring back in my step!

I recently got my ‘undercarriage’ checked at the doctors and we got talking about my feet.  The doctor said, “Oh, you’ve got bones missing at the front of your feet”.  Really?  That was news to me because my feet are…well, my feet.  That’s how they’ve always looked.  At least, I think they’ve always looked like that.

He said that – if I didn’t mind paying about kr 1.000 (roughly £100 or $200) – I would greatly benefit from getting soft insoles – not only for running but for everyday use.  Of course, I completely forgot to ask him why the bones were missing.  Maybe they’ve never been there?  Could it be the result of putting on almost 20 k (45lbs) during my two pregnancies?  (My shoe size used to be a 38, but now my foot has flattened out to a 39.)  Or maybe my running shoes don’t give me enough support?  I can’t say that my feet have been hurting but, then again, I suppose prevention is better than cure.

So my new Challenge is to get my feet sorted out.  It’s a three-pronged attack so it’s a sort of ‘Holy Trinity of the Blessed Feet’… ;D

1) I’m going into town next week to an orthopedic shoe store to get measured for insoles. They physically check your feet and use a treadmill/computer to check your walking style. I’m also taking DD8 with me because she ‘walks on the outside of her feet’ and needs checked too.

DS8’s new spring shoes

2) I’ve already had my first consultation with a skin doctor and it was great to get things checked up. Yes, she confirmed that I do have verucas (in addition to hard skin and corns) on my feet.  She’s already frozen the verucas once.  (Which wasn’t too painful at the time, but the blisters that came up afterwards were a nightmare – eek!)  But she also removed an annoying tiny skin tag which I’ve had on my neck ‘forever’ – bonus!  (One of those little things that annoyed me, but not so much that I ever made a special appointment to do anything about it.)  And she’ll take a biopsy of a mole that appeared on my leg, just to be on the safe side. (Another ‘problem’ I was procrastinating on.)

3) I’m going to make regular appointments for a pedicure.  As you saw in my Scaredy Cat Challenge last year Twinkle Toes, getting a pedicure is half heaven/half torture for me.  This time I’ll choose a chiropodist rather than a beautician because I obviously need bigger guns for these hard-worn feet!  Plus my little health insurance policy will – apparently – refund part of the cost. […said the canny Scot]

So that’s my new Scaredy Cat Challenge – to put a spring back into my step!

You can either watch from the sidelines, join in with me or start your own challenge.  Remember that these Scaredy Cat Challenges are not resolutions – they’re more of a ‘what do I want to change or learn or accomplish’ here and now type of thing.  Perhaps you were procrastinating about taking that scary first step. 

Whatever you choose, I’ll be glad of your company.  Let’s hold hands and be scared together!

Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend! 🙂