An apple a day keeps the burnt toast away

If you read last Monday’s post, you’ll know that the Flylady reminds us Mums that its okay to – occasionally – put our own own needs first.  The family doesn’t always have to be first in the (dinner) queue.

I was thinking about this again today.  You see these placemats?

I love them!  (As much as it is possible to love a piece of wannabe-wood with a picture on the top…)  I love their fresh, clear, spring colours (yes, yes, those are the colours of clothes I love too). But I have one particular favourite.  This placemat with the apples…

Well, I’ve decided that this is the placemat I’m going to use for every breakfast, every lunch and every dinner from now on.  Because I love it!  And, to be perfectly honest, the rest of the family doesn’t give a hoot! ;D

Time for DS11 to set the table…and me to get my ‘apple-a-day’.  Bon appétit and hope you have a magnificent Monday! 🙂

Pass the burnt toast!

A long, long time ago on the Fly Show (The Flylady‘s weekly internet radio show), there was a story about ‘a Mum who ate burnt toast’. I was puzzled at first. But it was basically another example of why Mums should remember to look after themselves. When you have kids, you always put the kids first. Their needs are Priority Number One. They get the best of everything. They’re first in the queue at feeding time – and that often means that Mum gets left with the burnt piece of toast! ;D

Well, that story has stuck in my mind ever since. Food for thought, you might say… Boom, boom!

We often go to Experimentarium (a fantastic hands on/all singing/all dancing/science playground in Copenhagen) and, more often than not, we have a treat in the café. Now, to be perfectly honest, I’m not an icecream freak (unless it’s high summer and the living is easy) so I usually opt for coffee and (carrot) cake (mmm). But Mr Ben + Mr Jerry have come up with something I can’t resist: peanut butter, vanilla icecream, cookie dough, lots n’ lots of lovely, thick dark chocolate and crumbled cookies. Wowza! 😀

Unbeknown to the rest of the family, I added one – just one – of these wondrous icecream bars to my weekly online grocery order and hid it deep in the depths of the freezer… Then one night between Christmas and New Year, I ran a huge bubble bath, got out my pamper basket, played an old episode of the Fly show, and relaxed in the bath…

Did I mention I remembered to lock the bathroom door? ;D

It. Was. Heavenly. And – honestly – I was such a sweet Mum afterwards… From now on, I shall definitely ‘pass’ on the burnt toast! 🙂

Have a marvellous Monday!